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    [Originally posted by moonblack on the old forums]

    Hi, everyone! Been a while since I visited (problems with my PC keeping me focused elsewhere).

    Recently I've been struggling with writer's block, and while trying to overcome it I ended up writing this little scene. A few notes first:
    - as far as I know the owner of the Westcastle Brik-a-brak has no official name, so I made one up (based on a character from a game I was playing)
    - I might write more, such as a sequel to this scene, or an alternative lesbian version, or something, but don't hold your breath
    - this was finished at 3:00 AM so forgive any errors and screw-ups

    Anyway, enjoy the short story:
    Shin: What's the big idea?

    Korina: Uh... what?

    Shin: I gave you five grand! Why am I only getting 25 sil a day!?

    Korina: Um... well, you kind of put me on the spot....

    Shin: What!?

    Korina: Well, you were offering me money! I didn't have time to think of anything! I just named a figure, and now I'm sending you all the money I can afford!

    Shin: You idiot. Fine, just give me my money back, and we'll call it even.

    Korina: Um....

    Shin: Let me guess. You spent it already?

    Korina: Yeah... sorry....

    Shin: Crap... well, if you can't pay me back with money I guess you'll have to pay me back with your body instead.

    Korina: ...I'm sorry?

    Shin: Just bend over the counter. I'll take care of the rest.

    Korina: I- I'm not a prostitute!

    Shin: And I'm not a charity.

    Korina: But... what about the clients?

    Shin: Clients? What clients? You see anyone other than me and my girls here?

    Korina: But what if someone comes and sees us?

    Shin: In that case they'll get quite the show. If that bothers you, then hurry up and bend over the counter. The sooner you do the sooner we'll get done with this and the lower the chance of someone seeing us.

    Korina: I- Alright, I'll do it. Just don't be rough, please.

    The young woman bends over the counter and waits. Shin wastes no time and gets behind her. He quickly lifts up her skirt, exposing her panty-clad behind.

    Shin: Mmm, nice panties.

    Korina: Thanks... I guess...

    Shin: But they are in the way.

    Shin grabs the hem of Korina's panties and with one quick movement pulls them down, exposing her ass and pussy.

    Shin: There. Much better!


    Korina: Ouch!

    The young woman yelps in pain and surprise when Shin slaps her ass.

    Korina: What was that for?

    Shin: Just a reminder who's in charge. Now be quiet. You don't want someone to hear you and come to investigate, do you?

    Korina: ...Just get it over with.

    Shin: As the lady wishes.

    Shin takes out his already-hard cock and starts rubbing the tip against Korina's slit.

    Shin: Well, what do you know. Earlier you acted like you didn't want this, yet you're getting wet. And I haven't even done anything to you yet!

    Korina: ...

    Shin: Nothing to say? Well, that's alright – I'm not interested in talking, anyway.

    Shin decides to make sure she's ready and begins fucking her hole with two fingers. Before long her slit becomes soaking wet.

    Korina: Mmm!

    Shin: You like that? Then you'll love what's coming next!

    Shin removes his fingers, places the head of his dick against his partner's hole, and with a single thrust buries his entire length inside her pussy.

    Korina: Ooohhhh!

    Shin: Mmm, you're so tight... I guess this part of you doesn't get used often.

    Korina: Sh-shut up! Just get it over with already!

    Shin: Heh, look who can't wait!

    Shin starts thrusting hard and fast. Shortly after that Korina starts pushing back against his thrusts, helping him fill her up. The two get into a rhyhm and for the next few minutes only the sounds of their fucking and Korina's moans of pleasure can be heard inside the shop.

    Korina: I- I'm going to come!

    Shin: Already? Well, go ahead, don't mind me.

    Shin keeps going and soon Korina lets out an orgasmic scream as she climaxes, her pussy clenching his cock tightly and almost bringing him over the edge. He manages to keep going for another minute but eventually the pleasure overhweklms him.

    At the last moment Shin manages to pull out and shoot his seed all over Korina's naked butt. Then he leans his back against one of the walls as he catches his breath.

    Shin: That... was... great. Looks like the five grand I gave you were a good investment after all.

    Korina: Thanks... I think...

    Korina doesn't bother cleaning herself and pulls up her panties before pulling her skirt down and turning to face Shin.

    Korina: So, I guess I'll be seeng you later...

    Shin: Huh? What do you mean? You want more?

    Korina: Of course not! But I realize that fucking me once is not enough to make up for all the money you gave me, so I'm sure you'll be coming to... collect... again.

    Shin: Heh, so you say, but I bet you just want more of my cock!

    Korina: I just said that's not it!

    Shin: Still, you were pretty good, so maybe I'll come again...

    Korina: You're not listening to me, are you?

    Shin: Well, see you later, partner! Or should I say, sex you later!

    Korina: *sigh*
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    [Originally posted by moonblack on the old forums]

    Originally posted by Soundsage
    I did always wonder why the MC wasnt more upset with some of the investment returns this was a good read hope you make more could be a good series or just side perk to playing HC

    Awesome story
    Thanks, it's nice to know people enjoyed the story.

    Here's another one, completely random:
    Evanie screams in a mix of surprise and protest as Shin rips off her clothes, revealing her naked body.

    "No underwear? How thoughtful of you. Then let's get to the main event- What the hell?..." Shin forces Evanie's legs open, and then stops as he sees something unexpected. A strip of thin white paper is covering the Sword Saint's pussy, from just above her clit to just below the end of her slit. Some strange black hieroglyphs are written on it. "The hell is that thing?"

    "Ohohohohoho! Never seen one before, have you? It's a special seal that makes sure no one can touch me without my permission. It's not something a stupid oaf like you could ever get rid of!"

    ---Breaking the Seal---
    Find a way to remove the seal protecting Evanie's pussy.

    "Ohohoho! That's one quest you'll NEVER finish!"

    ".........Fuck it, I'll deal with the stupid quest later. But for now, you have another hole and it has no stupid seal protecting it!"

    "What?! You don't mean..."

    "Oh, yes, I do! Now be a good little slut and don't struggle!" Shin grins at his defeated opponent.

    "Let me give you a hand, handsome." Says Kyrie as she moves towards the naked warrior on the ground.

    "You're really going to help him with this?" Evanie glares at the sorceress.

    "Remind me, who told her men 'you are free to gangbang her if you need to relax and unwind'? I think her named started with 'E'..." Kyrie grabs the naked woman's hands.

    With his companion's help Shin turns the defeated warrior around. He pushes her face down to the ground while at the same time forcing her ass up in the air. "Mmm, nice butt! Let's see if you're as tight back here as you seem." He comments as he removes his clothes while staring at Evanie's puckered back door. The he moves closer...


    ~ Somewhere in Kellos ~

    Evanie wakes up and shoots an angry glare at the nearest wall.

    "That asshole! When I get my hands on him I'll take the largest dildo I can find and shove it up his ass! Then I'm going to make him watch while his companions get gangbanged, starting with that stupid sorceress that got away thanks to him!" The Sword-Saint continues to fume and glare at the walls.


    ~ A mansion in the Middle Kingdom ~

    Shin wakes up, feeling very horny and very annoyed.

    "Damn it, the dream was just getting to the good part!... Wait, who am I talking to?" He pauses as he realizes that the dream has left him very horny. "I wonder if Therese is up yet? I should go check..."

    To be continued?

    Uh, NoMoshing? You're not really going to make a quest like that, are you? *sweatdrop*
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      [Originally posted by 2095shanoc on the old forums]

      May not be my thread, but moonblack said it was okay, so I'm going to use it! So to show my appreciation to all of you who helped voted for Brigandine, I've been working on something for the past few days, she may not have won but not only was she the only non-harem member to make it to round three but she certainly didn't lose to Therese without a fight! So I wanted to write out a short story dealing with her, it's not yet complete but given all the time and effort I've put into what I have so far (over 3,000 words and I'm pretty sure it's only about 1/3rd of the way done, we'll see) I thought that it might be a good idea to share it in parts instead of overloading you all with it at once! It doesn't get to the sexy stuff yet, but I hope some nice humor and action will hold over anyone interested in this for now! And apologies if there are any issues with the accent, fighting, or some of the canonically inaccurate jokes, I don't have a lot of real world experience with accents or fighting, and given how this isn't canon I'd rather take a few creative liberties to add a bit more humor than get too caught up making it 100% consistent with the game. Anyways hope you all enjoy!

      Originally posted by 2095conash
      "So you 'ave returned, I zee." Brigandine commented as she noticed Hero walk into her building once again. While it struck her as odd that she hadn't seen him in awhile she put it down to him struggling for money after the last time given how he seemed incredibly reluctant to part with the money that time. Hero didn't respond, he seemed rather perturbed for a moment before he reached for his sword and tried to stare down the sword-master. "'Old it, I need to check to make sure you 'ave ze money."

      Without a word Hero quickly reached into his pocket a threw a small bag of money towards Brigandine, while most might find this trust rather unusual for someone like Hero, this was hardly his first.... Second.... Or heck even his tenth time doing this, he was hardly in a position to begin doubting if Brigadine would hold her end of the bargain by this point. As she made a rough count of the money he eyed her cautiously, trying to find an opening in her movements, this might be sparring but he had quickly learned that if he wanted to win he needed to take EVERY advantage he could have, and the only thing stopping him from going in for a surprise attack was that he noticed the subtle signs that she was ready for it, a lesson he had harshly learned several times before he noticed the signs.

      "Alright, it iz all 'ere. Rules are ze same as before," she began drawing her own great-sword, "If you win you can 'ave your way wiz me one time," the evil grin Hero let out did not seem to phase her, "But when you lose you will pay me zree times my normal rate." She set the bag of coins onto the table at her side as she got herself into position, while most people who were familiar with Hero's.... reputation would not ever agree to such a deal, Brigandine had proven time and time again that even WITH his little tricks, he could never overcome her in battle, and his stubborn attempts to prove otherwise had become a VERY profitable revenue stream, especially when she would charge him extra whenever his naivety lead his body to becoming rather intimate with the furniture much to the latter's ruin. While he still had a long way to go before she would start reconsidering the offer, but with both sex and his wallet on the line, Hero had proven himself to be surprisingly quick on improving himself given his usual attitude.

      Brigandine took her position in the middle of the room and smirked to Hero, angered that she STILL was not taking him seriously even after his last few attempts Hero tightened his grip on his sword before charging in trying to cleave his opponent in twain with a powerful diagonal slice. But Brig was quite experienced and parried the blow with minimal effort, as Hero recoiled she took advantage of the lapse of judgment to move in and elbow him in the chest. He took a few steps back as he winced more out of reflex than anything, these sorts of blows he had grown much accustomed to over their many sparring matches, but he knew there was much worse to come if he didn't keep his guard up so he worked to quickly regain his stance, it was however too late, Brigandine wasn't going to go easy just because Hero was a novice, and soon he found himself on the pointy end of an upward slash from his green-haired opponent. While a part of him wanted to retreat again to better deal with the situation he knew that if he didn't go on the offensive soon it would end up like the first... three sparring matches they had where his first attack was his only one, so instead he pressed forward with a somewhat over-zealous strike towards Brigandine's side.

      Not being in any position to counter or dodge the attack, she was forced to block it, and while her weapon bore most of the blow the impact from the clash was still very powerful and she found herself taking a glancing blow from the tip of the other great-sword. Not being one to get caught up too much in minor victories after learning harshly a few harsh lessons, Hero pressed harder to try to overwhelm Brig's defenses, downward, leftward, diagonal, each slash and attack continued to move in a somewhat sloppy attempt to flow from one to the other, but with each attack Brig was able to better defend each one, and suffered pain only from the shear impact behind each blow with her renewed defenses, and as Hero went in for the fourth of these attacks was unpleasantly surprised that Brig wasn't making any attempt to block or even parry the attack... Something Hero knew far too well as a sure fire sign that he was in for quite a bit of pain.

      His worries were made real as Brigandine countered his attack with a far quicker one of her own, and this was not a mere regular attack either, it was the first exercise... Er, ultimate technique she had taught him she called it the foul falchor or something, Meteor Smash was much cooler or it was when HE was using it... Hero coughed a bit of blood as the blow struck home, while Brigandine was skilled enough to make sure that neither of them hit any major organs it still hurt like a bitch to take one of her attacks full force. He backed away to gain some ground and try to deal with deal with the situation anew... This time, Brig seemed to give him a moment as she smirked in a somewhat taunting fashion. Angered by her display Hero decided to neglect his wounds for now since he had a walking talking potion at home and psyched himself up for one of the mightiest of assaults he had ever unleashed! His plan was foolproof, he'd hit her harder than he'd ever hit her before!

      With a somewhat animalistic yell he began charging at his opponent trying to take advantage of their now rolling eyes! With tremendous force he swung down at his fully prepared target who cowardly stepped to the left and unleashed a counter-lunge towards his chest, while most who would find themselves in such a situation at the hands of who will no doubt be his future slave, Hero had of coursed planned for this eventuality and wasn't at all relying on instincts to respond to the situation! He tried to side-step
      the attack as he had seen her do so casually to a lot of his own attacks, he was a lot more successful this time than he had been in most of their matches but his left arm did
      not come out unscathed, while it was still functional Hero once again found him in a situation where he'd probably have to either get a new shirt or see how well red suited

      As Hero let out a yelp of pain Brigandine let her guard fall for a moment and rested her bloody sword on her shoulder as she appreciated her handiwork. Hero however took this opportunity to first mutter a swear, then remind himself that he was great, a practice that had often left both enemies and allies alike confused as it did not seem
      appropriate for the battlefield, ESPECIALLY when grievously in pain, but Hero's ability to be selective about the facts he accepted allowed such obviously false encouragement to renew his strength none the less. He took a deep breath as the pain in his left arm subsided and reassessed the situation as Bigandine readied her guard again. He cursed as he clearly missed a great opportunity to deliver what would have definitely been a decisive blow even if the only clean hit he'd have gotten the whole battle. He quickly came to the realization that he was at the point where he needed to finish things in the only way he knew how, by being a cheating bastard.

      Well I mean, it's not really cheating if you never explicitly stated any rules right? And Hero is certainly no bastard, of that he was confident! About 99.9% confident!... Well Meline probably wasn't a bastard child so that meant that he wasn't, right? Right? Anyways, the point is that in a real fight there are no rules so it's totally okay to use whatever means possible to win a sparring match. The biggest issue that Hero now faced was that he needed to get into place but he had to make it look natural, Brigandine certainly wasn't the dullard in this match so something so out of character as running to some random spot would have given away his intentions, no he had to keep fighting and carefully so that he would be in the right place at the right time, the question was was just how to do that. His thoughts were however interrupted by a quick incoming strike that looked oddly fam- oh shit Brigandine was using twice cutting wind!

      Now normally such an attack would probably spell the end for Hero, he did not have a good history with this attack as no matter how effectively he dealt with the first attack
      the second would usually hit it's mark, but this time Hero was fortunate enough to have recently received a confidence boost that will help minimize the damage and since he wasn't looking to counter her attack he could focus entirely on trying to keep himself from being grievously wounded. To this end he quickly found where he wanted to be in the room and worked to avoid the first blow by jumping to Brigandine's left, he was not fortunate enough to dodge the whole attack and felt a tinge of pain as the great-sword lightly cut chest, but he made sure not to falter. With Brigandine closing the distance between them and a second attack incoming he knew that he needed to start preparing his next defense before his feet even hit the floor so he raised his great-sword just in time to clash near the hilt of Brigandine's sword, taking most of the blow, his right arm however now hurt like hell as the tip of her sword grazed his arm even though his own stopped it from going any further. All this blood loss was starting to make Hero feel a bit woozy, and he couldn't help but sway a little. Brigandine did not let this opportunity pass her by, she pushed all the more effort through her weapon, after pulling it a bit closer to her as to not cut off Hero's arm, and overpowered the novice's grip, disarming our rather well off 'hero'.

      Hero swore and retreated against the wall to get some space from Brigandine, while not exactly the smartest battle decision someone without a weapon could do Brigandine didn't exactly find it unnatural given his state. "And wiz zat, I 'ave won, non? I'll be taking my winnings now." Brigandine dropped her stance and began making her way to the table she had set the silver on before, making sure to keep her weapon at the ready since cornered animals and Hero were known to make desperate attacks when all seemed lost.

      "Not quite yet!" Hero declared drawing Brigandine's attention just in time for her to notice what looked like a grenado coming her way. These sorts of attacks were not
      uncommon to these sparring matches, as Hero had begun employing the use of items in some of their earlier sparring, while Brigandine did not look fondly on the practice she had always had little trouble dealing with the occasional bunch of marbles, necrotically enchanted scroll, or even the rather embarrassing use of 'pocket sand' Hero had once employed. This was not the first grenado he had tried to use either, so she already knew how to deal with it, with a well trained movement she hefted her sword and batted the incoming object to her side with the flat of her blade. She couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed, while it was pretty underhanded to use these sorts of tricks to win a sparring match, she had taken a bit of a teacher's admiration to how Hero tended to learn from his mistakes and never employed the same trick twice, and generally tried refining his tactics to best counter hers, but to use a grenado when he had already seen last time that all they do is damage her furniture? That's just disappointing. She considered if perhaps Hero had learned all that he could from these sparring matches when something caught her eye.

      Hero had pulled out a small damp clothe and was holding it against his mouth and nose, he then used his right shoulder, protected by basically the only piece of armor his
      outfit had, to smash the window that she hadn't noticed he was standing next to. A look mixed both of surprise and a bit of horror fell on her face as Brigandine realized that
      she had made a rather devastating mistake thinking this was an ordinary grenado, she turned to face the object, unsure how to proceed, just in time to see it explode not into fire as she was used to, but into a bright yellow smoke that seemed to fill the room instantly. All that she remembers after that is the room morphing into some strange
      mixture of odd shapes, flesh, and the strangely distinct taste of purple as the gas took it's effect.

      Hero did his best to breathe as little as possible, his little pet alchemists had assured him that the gas was incredibly fast acting, while while the clothe that he held against his face offered some protection, intensified both by the curative enchantments it had on it but also from the mixture of every status healing item he had soaked into it, but even that was not enough to stop the relatively thin layer of gas that made it's way to him on it's way out the window from making him a bit woozier, his open wounds were probably much to blame for that though. See, most people might think that going through all this effort and planning to protect yourself from an ordinary hallucination grenade was excessive, and they would be right, but you see what Hero had thrown was no ordinary hallucination grenade. After his last sparring match and seeing how Brigandine batted away the grenado with ease, he thought of using a hallucination grenade to immobilize her, but he had seen it used in battle enough to know that it was no guarantee to bring down someone whom he had to admit, no matter how much he hated it, was quite clearly more skilled in battle than he was, and after one attempt she would likely become wise to the trick and prepare for it, which is not something he could risk, not if he was going to end this little competition they had going once and for all. So he had set his alchemists to the task of taking a hallucination grenade and adding to it EVERY mind altering substance he could get his hands on, they added in some more mushroom extract, they had gotten Larelle's help to be able to add in the smell of rotting corpse vomit, they enlisted Ino to enchant to throw in some confusion effects, and, at Hero's insistence, had thrown in some fumes from 'THE KRAKEN' despite raising points that without actually drinking it there would be no disorienting effects, and that was only the beginning. What Hero had thrown was no ordinary Hallucination grenade, no, it was a Super Hallucination grenade, and the only of it's kind, but that's alright Hero only needed one.

      The fumes began to subside, exiting the building through the window Hero had smashed earlier, things started to clear up and Hero could tell that his defenses against the gas had worked as the room stopped spinning shortly after the yellow fog was gone. He let out a sigh of relief and put his little rudimentary gas mask back into his pocket and began shifting around for a potion or two, the battle had taken quite a toll on him and while it might be over he needed to recover some strength before he enjoyed his now twitching prize. After taking the top off of the potion he held it away from his face and watched it to make sure that none of the yellow gas had seeped through the glass somehow, a tiny stream of yellow vapors floated away from the quite clearly non-yellow liquid and Hero was again thankful for his somewhat uncharacteristic caution. After the yellow vapor was gone from view he figured that it was good enough to drink and downed the whole thing, his head spun a bit, as the gas mixture probably hadn't completely disappeared but was diluted enough to not cause any major effects while the potion began not only easing Hero's pain but mending his wounds, aren't magic potions amazing?

      Once Hero's head cleared again he decided to start making his way to Brigandine, a smirk on his face all the while. She had seemed to stop twitting though her eyes were a bit glazed over for the time being and she was muttering some sort of dwarven gibberish. Before Hero got all the way over to her, a glint caught his eye and he was reminded that not that long ago Brigandine had knocked his sword out of his hands. Knowing that the effects of the ultra-acid trip he had thrown his little green-haired foe on wasn't going to end anytime soon, he didn't see the harm in picking up his sword first before he introduced her to his other sword. It was as he was picking up his weapon that Hero had learned three rather important lessons, first that it was a huge mistake to have turned down Brigandine's original offer to use training swords for their sparring matches on the basis that she didn't have any training great-swords, second that he hadn't even BEGUN to see Brigandine's true strength, and third that you do NOT turn your back to someone who is both armed and tripping so hard that there aren't enough balls in the world to describe their mental situation.
      That's all for now, apologies for the length and how there isn't any sex, I promise you, there will be!
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        [Originally posted by 2095shanoc on the old forums]

        Thank you all for your words, interest, and suggestions, it really does mean a lot to me. I have just finished part 2, sadly we still don't get to any sex yet but you can expect that all in part 3! Also for any interested I made a couple of small changes to part 1 recently, it was just changing the use of the word 'clumsy' to 'over-zealous' (as I think that captures where I was going for better) and adding that during Hero's jump before Brigandine got that somewhat awkward sword clash/arm graze that was mentioned before that she was approaching him, since she'd have to be close to Hero in order for that whole situation to be plausible. Now without further ado, the continuation of our story!

        Originally posted by 2095conash
        Hero was lucky that in her delirious state of mind, Brigandine let out a rather primal scream as she launched into her attack, though it still caught him off-guard it prompted him to turn around and then hastily raise his sword in a futile attempt to guard himself their swords clashed once more, though while Hero usually found himself the stronger of the two of them when a match began at this time he was unable to match her overwhelming strength this time. Her sword cut through the air with a ferocity of which he had never seen before, his half-assed defense seemed as if a butterfly fighting a hurricane, the result was a deep gash just below his left knee. It was as the pain raced through his body that he realized what was going on.... In her drug induced state he appeared as if some horrible nightmarish monster/demon/something and she was responding in the only proper way for a veteran sword-master like herself, to cut it until it stopped moving then cut it some more. Fuck.

        Hero didn't have time to think of anything else as he felt a shadow fall on him, Brigandine was lifting her weapon for another attack. Normally Hero would try to face such a force head on, maybe try to amount a counter attack or defend, but on a subconscious level he was very aware of two facts, firstly that even if he faced Brigandine's attack with his full might she'd probably overpower him in her current state, and second with his leg so severely injured any attempt to muster his strength would cause shooting pain that would result in his concentration falling, in the face of what undoubtedly would have been his demise otherwise, he did what any creature with even a will to live would do, he jumped back as far as he could just in time to see the massive sword rend the floor he was on a moment ago asunder.

        His back slammed against the wall and he let out a groan, seems that in his very sudden fight or flight response he not only lost track of his surroundings but pushed off the ground with a VERY surprising amount of strength. Before he could instinctively reach his hand behind his back to deal with discomfort, he saw that his little groan had drew Brigandine's attention back to him, well seems that she was vaguely aware of the reality around her even if it probably seemed like some sort of demon/zombie/dragon joined assassination force. She tried to rush Hero but thankfully the jump he did gave him the space to notice that her movements were off. Normally Brigandine had very.... well trained movements that seemed to lend themselves into the next action, that had a bit of an air of grace to them in just how brutally efficient they were, now.... Well now she looked like she was a mix of a drunkard, some sort of animal ghost possessing human form, a cripple attempting to walk, and her usual movements, while she was still quickly approaching this did give Hero some comfort that the super hallucination grenade didn't just make her a MORE efficient killer or anything, afterall Hero needed SOME sort of handicap or else this was just going to be unfair.... He decided to ignore the fact hanging in his mind that it was his actions that put him in this situation in the first place.

        Brigandine had closed the distance, but Hero had made sure to take advantage of the time that she needed to close the distance to share some VERY encouraging words with himself, he needed all the help he could fucking get if he was going to survive this, thankfully it eased his pain enough that he could make some use of his leg without big one-time adrenaline rushes. Hero readied himself, hoping to any Angels/Demons that may be listening to help him not die here, his requests went unanswered but desperate times and all. Brigandine unleashed another barbaric warcry as she used a rather shaky, but still deadly, downward-diagonal swing, Hero took a deep breath as his nerves starting to get to him but he held his position and responded with what he thought would be his best chance at living, by trying his luck trying to parry the blow, as he wasn't in a good situation to run and he was pretty confident that blocking was pretty suicidal at this point. Now, it's good to point out that parrying is not something that Hero has much, if any, experience in, he chose a great-sword as his weapon for a reason, he goes all in for attack, but his matches with Brigandine had showed him that acting defensively can go a long way, and when your life is on the line you take what you can get. Whether it was the adrenaline increasing his senses, the drugs decreasing hers, or just plain luck but he managed to redirect the blow to the ground as intended, and Brigandine was clearly put off balance by this. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth Hero took this opportunity to run past Brigandine's weapon while she regained herself.

        Now in the center of the room Hero stopped for a quick breath and to wipe the sweat from his brow, the sparring match from before was certainly intense but to follow it up with this? It was taking it's toll on Hero, he could still keep going but he wasn't used to being in situations where every nerve in his body screamed that he was going to die, sure he had faced some hard bosses before, and yeah he had died once or twice before, but those where just quick one time fights and he had teammates around to bring him back, this time.... He was all alone, and he had learned quite clearly over the course of all these sparring matches the difference between Brigandine and himself on a normal day, to see her in this state just screamed death.... However a different part of his brain was telling him that if he didn't take advantage of her disorientation and inability to precisely understand what was actually going on, he was NEVER going to get to collar her! And besides, he was the super amazing great Hero! There's no way he'd have died! Heck her attacks didn't even hurt that much anymore, or at least that's what his two recent pep talks had lead him believe despite the obvious blood still flowing out of his leg. He was going to stay and finish this! He readied his sword and faced his opponent with renewed conviction!

        She however seemed to have trouble facing anything in particular, her head seemed to lazily move from one side of the room to the other, then she spoke some more dwarvish, something about doing the voo? It didn't make any sense, but then her body started to move weirdly, a part of it seemed familiar though he couldn't quite put his finger on it, she had never made these movements in their training before.... He readied his weapon prepared to deflect, block, dodge, whatever it took, he needed to get a good opportunity to disarm her, because there was no way he was going to risk getting chopped into meaty chunks just for a quick lay.... Well not against someone strong enough to actually do it. It was when her attack was heading his way that Hero realized why the motions seemed familiar, despite the lack of coordination she had, she still managed to pull off an Eternal Crescent attack.

        Now, if Hero had been the very lucky sort, she would have aimed at two non-existent targets that weren't in Hero's direction, he was only regular lucky. Brigandine swung her sword in a large arc, clearly aiming first towards whatever invisible apparition she saw before the swing made it's way to Hero. She might have been ridiculously strong in her current state but with her shaky hand and putting a lot of strength into the start of the swing without any resistance had left the reaming of the arc much weaker than if she had only targeted Hero. He took full advantage of this and tried to block her attack as best her could, in retrospect it probably would have been wiser to deflect such an unstable blow. As the swords clashed Hero's leg ached, but he was able to keep his concentration together, however he had under-estimated how much force was still in the sword, and so he felt his own sword began to fall back. He redoubled his efforts to compensate only to realize that Brigandine was in no way able to overpower his defense at the end of her arc, and so both fighters off balance began to fall towards each other, Hero leading the way face first as Brigandine's ass lead hers.

        Now, some might have taken a moment to appreciate her finely tuned ass on them before they would think to defend themselves, those people would have found themselves quite dead in this situation as Brigandine attempted to slice next to her aiming straight for Hero's head. Hero having the presence of mind to remember that as long as she had her sword she was a constant threat had pushed up with his strength and managed to topple Brigandine off of him before her attack could connect. He stood for a moment looking at the unmoving body of his rather sporadic assassin. As she continued to lay on the ground face first herself this time, he hoped that maybe she had passed out, however the fortunes were not in his favor as she began to get up, clutching her sword tightly as Hero once again swore.

        This time when she spoke meaningless dwarvish, all that Hero could make out was that apparantly Brigandine was on tour. She must have REALLY lost her marbles if she thought she was some kind of idol at a concert. It was sad, she even started doing some kind of weird dance while running in his direction and..... Angels be damned, she was using razor falling rain wasn't she? Aggravated that he didn't realize it sooner, Hero began readying himself to dodge, trying to find some way to escape, or something to hide under as to allow Brigandine to tire herself out. His eyes eventually landed on the table that he had forgotten all about, with the nice pouch of silver laying right next to the right half of it. Fuck.

        Figuring that he probably didn't have enough time to even see where the hell this rampaging beast was, he just jumped backwards while swinging his sword back and forth in front of him hoping that it might push back any oncoming attacks, and it worked! Kinda! See Brigandine had made it to Hero and tried to thrust, one can only presume for his heart but who knows what she was aiming for in her drugged out state, he caught her sword as he was pulling his sword back from a left swing, so he was lucky enough that all she hit with her thrust was one of his right ribs!.... It may have been broken, it was pretty hard to tell admits all the stabbing pain. It was at this time though that Hero decided to use his genius ingenuity and disarm him in the only way appropriate for a warrior of his caliber! With the finest karate chop to her wrist that he could muster! Normally this sort of tactic might have been enough to remove someone's weapon from them, but thanks to his earlier ingenuity that created this monster her nerves weren't quite as responsive as most people's were, so he only managed to loosen her grip. Thankfully with the backward momentum from his jump and aided by her thrust, it was enough to send his body, with her sword still firmly implanted in it, flying backwards out of her reach and into a wall. Hurt like a mother-fucker...

        Hero's vision began to get a bit blurry as all the pain began to subside, and with his opponent disarmed the adrenaline started to wear off. His head bobbed from one side to the other as his vision began to get darker. As he watched Brigantine frantically attack non-existent enemies with her nearly invisible sword, he couldn't help but remember one very key point, the drugs wouldn't last forever and he still hadn't fucked her! This brought Hero back to his senses quickly as he jumped up, to be reminded very clearly where Brigandine's sword REALLY was. He worked to pull it out, wincing all the while, and let it drop to the floor, he'd worry about it later, for the time being he had to make sure that he didn't fall asleep. He looked for a potion but couldn't find one, he must have figured he wouldn't need more than one and left the rest at the manor, disgruntled by his lack of magical fixes to tiredness situation, he was forced to pull out the only thing he brought that seemed like it might help. In retrospect he wondered why he didn't use it before the first match as he opened the single jar of honey he brought with him.

        As he drank the sweet as if he was dieing of thirst, everything seemed to slow down as the sugar moved throughout his body. While it did nothing for the pain, the energy it brought him made it easy enough to remind himself of how absolutely amazing he was for beating Brigandine not once but TWICE! Before he was going to be enslaving her against her will but considering this recent battle she basically owed it to him or something. He didn't really need to rationalize it in his head but his mind was racing a mile a minute and he needed something to keep his mind off the pain. Speaking of Brigandine, she's already used all the techniques she taught you and was still fighting, and thankfully not you anymore. Surely if this kept up she was going to have to use her secret move that she was keeping from you, so it might be a good idea to wait a bit and learn it!

        This heightened level of forethought came crashing down however when it became quite apparent that without a weapon to see what the effects of her movements were, and the drugs making her body behave quite differently from how she intended, Hero would be hard pressed to be able to tell when she even was using a technique much less how to copy it. Under his breath he let out a rather descriptive and long curse, it certainly was going to be interesting to see how Hero has sex while on a sugar-rush. Hero then began to make his way to Brigandine, though with rather twitchy and sporadic movements himself, and tried to sneak up from behind to push her to the ground. She did however hear his quite noticeable footsteps and took a swing at him with her weightless weapon. Hero made no attack to dodge the swing but instinctively moved his head back to dodge her hands as they rushed past him. As she began to recompose herself Hero grabbed her by the wrists and pushed his body weight onto her, while she probably had the strength to remain standing she certainly did not have the coordination and fell to the floor. As he now held both her wrists in one hand, she began shaking a bit and screaming some dwarvish, though he could make out that she sometimes talked about demons. With his free hand he began rooting around for the slave collar to ensure that he never had to go through this mess again...

        Okay it must have been in his other pocket. He grabbed her wrists with his other hand as he began once again fishing through his pockets.... Where was the damn thing? As he kept switching which hand held her wrists and which hand was searching his pockets, Brigandine slowly stopped fighting Hero and lowered her voice. If he hadn't been so twitching and determined to find the collar he'd probably have noticed a slight blush on his captive's face as she spoke about 'pa icy' or something. It was then that Hero realized he had made the biggest mistake of the day if not his life. After all that time, after all that effort, the slave collar was in his other pair of pants!
        This part is a bit shorter than the previous one, but I think that it ended at the right time. Also sorry for anyone who has trouble understanding the small French jokes I put in, not sure how easy it is to understand what I was trying to have her say, so after I finish up the story I'll explain what it was that she said (and what I at least believe it means) if anyone's interested!
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          [Originally posted by moon on the old forums]

          After years of waiting here's another story from me. This one is a sequel of sorts to the first story I posted all that time ago. Enjoy!

          It is a slow and boring day at Westcastle's Brik-a-brak Shoppe. Korina sighs as she stands behind the counter, waiting for potential buyers. Great. Another new shop. How am I supposed to make money with all the competition? And why is a noblewoman like lady Phinomaia working at a shop, anyway? She wonders, thinking about the newest shop to open in the city.

          Korina's thoughts are interrupted by the chime of a bell as the shop's main door opens. “Welcome!” She smiles as she looks towards the door to check the new arrival, hoping that it is a new customer. Her smile is quickly replaced by a blush as she recognized the four people that have entered her shop – a certain redheaded adventurer and three of his women. “Oh, it's you!” She exclaims as she looks at the man. He's a person she's familiar with - very intimately familiar, following one of his previous visits. He's also the person who invested 5 grand in her shop, making him her business partner.

          “Yo, how's it going? Everything alright?” Shin asks nonchalantly as he enters the shop and looks at the woman behind the counter.

          “It's... fine, more or less. The new shop that opened in town made things a bit more difficult, but I am still making enough to pay you your usual cut of the profits. What brings you here, anyway? Need anything?” Korina tells before asking a few questions of her own.

          “Good, good, I like getting money.” Shin nods in approval. “I had something to take care of at the Alchemist's Guild and decided to come visit you since I was nearby. As for what I need - a blowjob will do for today.”

          “A... blowjob? Just that?” Korina asks, unsure how to feel about the request.

          “Yep, just a blowjob. Hope you're not too disappointed.” Shin confirms as he gets behind the counter and then behind the young woman. He quickly drops his pants, his cock growing hard in anticipation.

          “Not disappointed, just surprised you're not asking for more than that.” Korina says as she turns to face Shin. Seeing that he's not wasting any time she sighs and goes down on her knees, her face now on roughly the same level as his hard cock.

          “Well, what are you waiting for? Get to work!” Shin demands as he looks down at the young woman.

          With another sigh Korina opens her mouth and reaches with her tongue, slowly licking the underside of the hard cock. Well, at least he seems to have washed recently... She licks a few more times, then, just as Shin starts to grow impatient, she opens her mouth and slowly takes his dick inside as far as she can without gagging.

          “Yes, that's it... good girl...” Shin encourages her as the young woman uses her tongue to lick all over the part of his member that is inside her mouth and cover it with her saliva.

          Once that is done the brunette starts moving her head back and forth, trying to slowly get more of him inside. Soon, however, Shin grows impatient and decides to take control of the situation. “Here, let me give you a hand.” He says as she puts his hands on the back of her head and starts guiding her. “Mmmm!” The young woman tries to protest as he begins fucking her face, his cock gagging her a little bit as he gradually speeds up. Naturally her protest gets ignored.

          For a short while Shin keeps face-fucking the unresistant brunette, enjoying her hot mouth. But soon he feels getting close. “Almost there. Swallow it all!” He commands as he speeds up his movements. Korina lets out another muffled “Mmm!”, but it is impossible to tell if she's protesting or agreeing.

          Finally Shin reaches his limit. With a hard thrust he forces his entire length inside the young woman's mouth and as far down her throat as he can, then starts shooting rope after rope of thick cum. He gets another “Mmmm!” from his partner as he unloads inside her and fills her with his seed.

          “Phew! That was great! Thanks, partner!” Shin comments as he pulls away and leans against the wall to catch his breath after his orgasm.

          “Me next!”

          “Eh?” Korina, still catching her breath after the throat fucking she just received, blinks in confusion. She looks towards the voice and sees a young redhead in a school girl uniform approach her. Soon Meline takes her brother's place and lifts up her skirt, revealing her slit, already dripping wet with arousal. “Me next!” She repeats her demand as she moves closer.

          “Oh... okay...” Korina hesitantly agrees as she absent-mindedly wonders if the girl always walks around without panties, or if she just removed them.

          “Well, what are you waiting for? Start licking!” Shin's sister commands as she spreads her legs a bit further apart, providing easier access for the young woman.

          Haven't done this is a while... Korina thinks as she reaches with her tongue and takes a slow lick. “Faster!” Meline demands, apparently already quite horny from watching her brother use Korina.

          With another sigh the brunette gets to work, licking Meline's dripping slit and occasionally teasing Meline's clit with her tongue, and getting a few moans of approval. After a bit she also starts sucking on the girl's clit from time to time, getting more moans in return.

          Korina needs only a few minutes to bring the younger girl to the edge. After hesitating for a few brief moments she forces her tongue inside Meline's slit, bringing her over it.

          Meline lets out a loud moan as she is shaken by her orgasm, almost falling down but someone catches her from behind. She keeps cumming as the older woman keeps tongue-fucking her and swallowing her juices.

          After she finishes cumming Meline needs a couple of minutes to catch her breath. “Everything alright?” Shin asks from behind her, still holding her to make sure she doesn't fall down. “I'm... fine... just need to... catch my breath...” Meline pants out. “Thanks for catching me, big brother...” She adds once her breathing has gone back to normal.

          “You're obviously out of practice, but pretty good despite that.” The redhead says, looking down at the still-kneeling woman. “I'm definitely coming back later.”

          “Thanks... I guess...” Korina says, wondering if she's done, or there will be more demands for her.

          “Alright, anyone else want a turn?” Shin asks as he looks at the rest of his companions.

          “Tempting, but I'd rather have your cock than her tongue, handsome. Maybe some other day, when I am in the mood.” Kyrie declines the offer.

          “Can we just go already? It's getting late.” Therese sighs and shakes her head.

          “Well, alright. I guess we're done here for today. See you later, partner!” Shin says and leaves together with his companions.

          With yet another sigh Korina slowly gets up. “Not how I imagined this day would end... and I didn't even get to cum, so now I'm horny. Let's see, where did I put those Clockworke Amusemente?...”


          The End... for now, at least...
          The part with Meline was not planned, it just happened as I was writing. Overall this part did not turn out quite the way I first imagined, but I hope it was still enjoyable to read.
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