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Isekai Life in D&D Q&A plus Guide for Non D&D Readers

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  • Khaos
    Chapter 69-78 : Elaboration Required on Goblin Tower / Dwarven Keep THING

    So Far My Understanding on the KEEP THING ,
    First Floor is connected to the Entrance ,
    Second Floor is Bugbear Base ,
    3rd and 4th Floors are Goblin population residence ,
    5th Floor Battlements (plus pirate sacrifice thing or whatever),
    6th Floor Slaves Confinement ,
    7th Floor Food supply ,
    8+ Floors Goblin barracks and Other Stuff

    My Questions

    1. How do Goblins get in the tower (assuming entrance linking first floor is submerged ,so Boat ride is not possible)?
    2. What happened to Goblins at 8th floor and beyond? (When Rest of party arrived at tower via Rope ,
    They Started engaging with Goblin Craftsman and General Civilians at Floor 5 and MC was at Floor 6 Conversing with slaves and Barrack Goblins are only mentioned but except for few surprise gangs ambushing from above and elite gobos with shaman , Barrack goblins seems relatively less )
    3.This is not related to tower , just what is the rate of silver drop from gobos , dont gimme 7d8 shit idk wtf it means.

    English is my Third Language , if i asked silly Questions go easy on me.

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  • Khaos
    First We NEED STATS ,
    We only know Stats of MC but that does not give proper picture about other Characters and Monsters ,
    I know some of you people will say just google it , FYI there seems multiple editions of D&D wikis out there ,
    So for the author/D&D experts please provide some basic info - thank you

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  • Khaos
    started a topic Isekai Life in D&D Q&A plus Guide for Non D&D Readers

    Isekai Life in D&D Q&A plus Guide for Non D&D Readers

    Many of Us Readers have lack or Experience and Knowledge about D&D (Or maybe just me) ,
    This Topic is created to express our Doubts and opinions about the existing Erotic Novel "Isekai Life in AD&D" ,
    If I created this Topic at wrong place or Q&A already Exists , let me know (Please dont bann me).