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less death – more sex ; a suggestion

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  • less death – more sex ; a suggestion

    I was reading the blog entries again. And wile “kill Adventures to gain mana” sounds like a good basic mechanism to gain resources, it doesn't sound very hentai. Who wants to kill the sexy adventure girl?

    So let me dare to make a suggestion: What if you need to capture them alive to drain there mana.
    And the best way to drain mana is obviously though the genitalia(male or female). The adventure boys get there mana sucked out by a sexy succubus. The girls mabye by male monsters.

    After a few days they are released. Sore, humiliated, unable to use magic for a few weeks and probably traumatised, but with little lasting physical damage. They live to tell others about the treasures in you dungeon.... and about the horrors that wait. Some may even return to get revenge. Or because some had a good time. (What would Darkness form Konosuba do?)

    Also when I thing about keeping virgins as bait it doesn't sound so appealing to me in the long run. If they have to stay virgins you can do nothing too sexy whit them. So they stay locked up in some dungeon cell, waiting for some rescue that probably will never come? That is just sad. So what if the develop Stockholm syndrome? If you can't beat them, join them. They could agree to be you slaves, working as agents outside the dungeon.

    Need more virgins? Have them tell some female paladin about the dungeon.
    Need some easy pray? Have them ask some adventure Newbys for a favour.
    Or maybe they tell that sorceress full of tasty mana about that magical atefact in you dungon.

    And of couse this ex-virgins reture somethimes to you dungon to get rewards.

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    I am trying to think of ways to be more mindful of how we're going to position all these elements in the story. The basic mechanic is sound, as you said, but positioning counts for a lot- "kill adventurers to gain mana", but how? Cannibalism would turn a lot of people off, ditto some kind of ritual murder.

    You could incorporate sex as you say, but what of the large number of players already in the fanbase who don't like netorare or netorase?

    Further, while I don't mind skating by Patreon's regulations through the time-honoured tactic of simply not saying anything I don't want them to hear, I don't know how we could get away with "Rape people to gain your primary game resource".

    I also don't know if a "maiden" needing to be a virgin is going to survive the early concept stages. I know the two terms mean the same thing- suppose I could try switching to "damsel"- but either way, the central concept there is "beautiful girl you kidnap" and the virginity aspect is entirely optional to me. Whether or not you can have sex with them will probably depend on art budget priorities.
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      Perhaps mana is obtained through any strong human emotion - lust could certainly be in there, but so could rage, frustration, greed, fear and such? The idea that you play the dungeon to maximize a response from adventurers. Scare them shitless but let them flee so they can tell others. Have a diverse group tear itself apart as they are deal with different personal drives and goals. Meanwhile the demons are just soaking in the strong emotions generated.

      That way there could be some small gain for even a "failed" dungeon and some avoidance of a death spiral. Pride and happiness at beating a dungeon are also strong emotions to harvest - not preferable of course because the dungeon is less usable and other resources have to be replaced and such, but at least there's something the player can work from when rebuilding.
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        I understand your problems.

        I'm too not a fan of netorase - but i did not see it from that angle.
        Being unwillingly “drained” by a girl might not be fun if it happened for real – but it makes fun roleplay. So I just don't take it serious if it happens in a game.
        The adventures are all single, there all masochistic and if they lose it is just part of the adventure. So no need to feel sad for them.

        I of course don't want you to come in trouble whit Patron, and realize that this is not something you can communicate on you Patron-page.
        But constantly killing people to gain resource is maybe a mood-killer. It could make the game to serious.

        You could of course say that the mana is removed by magic rays after they lose. They lose consciousness and awake a mile away from the dungon. Whitout mana and valuables – but still alive and well.

        Maybe I just me being screemisch


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          I 100% feel what you're saying, positioning all this stuff is going to take some care.
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            Capture / mind control them and make them work as slaves in mana mines. >: D

            Originally posted by NoMoshing View Post
            ditto some kind of ritual murder.
            IMO as long as you don't depict it graphically, human sacrifice is fine. A lot of gestion games feature executions of prisoners. It's not as much of a turn-off as you think. It would probably clash with the tone of the game tho, but that's a different problem.
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              Maybe human sacrifice to a tentacle horror?, personally I don't mind graphic human sacrifice, keeps to other prisoners fearful and willing to do what the player wants in order to keep from being sacrificed, maybe make it a game option along with non sexy torture/rape.


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                The premise of this new game sounds promising, but I'm uncertain on how you're going ti implement it.


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                  Late to the party, but thought I'd add my thoughts anyways. (And because I like this genre)

                  In the Introduction of the game, it's said that humans passively gather mana, and in the Dungeon Symbiosis, it has human's soul being a sort of container for the mana, along with monsters being able to absorb it.

                  To start off, the reason why we need to 'kill' humans is due to the mana contained in their soul, and 'breaking' the connection is the easiest way to get to it. -- Sort of like you opening a bottle of soda that's been shaken? -- But, there should be other ways, for example, how does the human use the mana? (They are able to right?) We should be able to interrupt this process somehow, to get small amounts. Another way could be to make them 'leak' the mana somehow, maybe through near death experiences, traumas, or just them not using mana at all -- Like, they'd still passively gather/absorb mana, but due to the container being full, it's released. Basically, making them release the mana somehow should net us a bit; like when they cast spells/skills, we get a percentage of the mana.

                  Adding on, the introduction indicates the DK is a 'rare breed of human', so they'd be able to passively gather mana already. Maybe give them a drain spell as well? Something like augmenting that passive ability, but can only be used through skin contact or whatnot.

                  Another thing, in most dungeon managing novels, there is a dungeon core, thus, maybe the DK can make an item that drains people? Could the reason they are so special, they're able to summon/form this item, thus allowing them to gain more mana / manipulate it better.

                  SPOILERMaybe the reason why monsters need humans to gather mana first, is that they can't absorb them 'freeform'? Thus, they need the humans to first process the mana into something that agrees with them. Add some bits of history: since the monsters need mana to live, and they can only get it through humans, they'd probably be starving, thus when they came by humans, they'd tend to kill them in their hunger. This continues on, and becomes 'set', thus they kill humans for the mana. But, due to the development of humans, they had to change their ways thus came dungeons. Now, how did they get the idea/means? There needed to be some intelligent monsters about, aka monster girls -- Probably evolved as a way to blend in with humans, for easier access to mana. Thus the MG/Mamono became leaders, and the 'killing' slowly changes to draining. This could thus lead to a human mutation, aka the DK is born.

                  Edit: Found my thoughts again:

                  Basically, since it's a recent thing, they are still working on ways to drain mana, thus killing is still easier; and you'll need to research / create non-leathal means. -- Like, maybe creation of some mana core/gems, that drains mana, then later you break it to absorb. Reason could be that they didn't have a Dungeon King before, thus there was no one to work with, to find better ways to get the mana.
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