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  • Iron Waifu 2021: Championship Edition


    The poll is expired.

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    ....I can't pick one.....


    • 2095conash
      2095conash commented
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      Well if it helps, the championship edition is purely for fun with no stakes associated with it! The Poll also runs for a week instead of the usual 24 hours so feel free to take your time!

    • Sleepyprinny0000
      Sleepyprinny0000 commented
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      ...No, but I like them all... ESPECIALLY Alina, Larelle, Therese, and Kyrie!!!! Their LQs and story inclusion sold me....
      I.... really can't pick one!!!!

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    I'm lucky enough to have two of my top four favorite girls on the list above, and Therese edges it out against Kyrie for me. The OG IW comes in just after Elaiya on my personal list. She has some of the best kinky scenes as well as some of the most heartfelt moments in game. So I'll vote...
    Click image for larger version

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      Kyrie's the only one still at 0 votes. Poor thing.


      • Redsliver
        Redsliver commented
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        Yeah, I was really surprised I was the only this morning.

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      - my top 5 haremettes are , , , , and . I know, not fair to all of the awesome non-party girls but more specifically, the not fair to the girls without enough content to be truly defined. Out of my top 5, only 2 are IW's. Honestly, it became a coin toss. I love 's obstinance, so much. has got that big hat though...

      More accurately, I love all of 's banters. Especially with and .


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        ...Since ppl weren't showing Kyrie enough love swayed my vote since I couldn't pick anyone.


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          I voted Alina. I like all the girls here for different reasons.

          But Alina is always the first.


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            Order for me would be Therese = Alina > Kyrie > Larelle > Brig > Quinta. I voted Therese here, but I could have gone to Alina just as easily.


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              Not really surprised that Alina would edge out the others.


              • Dreagos
                Dreagos commented
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                I'm honestly just glad its not brig. I'd definitely need to see more of her before declaring her "best of the best"

              • Sleepyprinny0000
                Sleepyprinny0000 commented
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                Alina is like, Top Harem Nanny.
                I mean, she's got no magic, has no known combat power... butbstill has the stones to near singlehandedly infiltrate a crazy rich bitch's mansion filled to brim with armed guards, outwit said crazy rich bitch's co-conspirator and traitorous fellow haremette, rescue her jerkass with a heart 9f gold master and one time savior who both rescued her, enslaved her, and violated her all on the same day, faces her fate with dignity and grace only to basically take charge of your 'little empire's finances and junior haremettes to a scarily efficient degree.... to later help r4scue her blittle bro from her deadbeat dad's gambling and loanshark gang related bullshit.... culminating not just in rescuing him, but taking control of said loanshark gang for her master.... all ending in us finally getting to lovingly bang her to a starry night sky.
                Oh, and aside from Meline(later followed by Eulania), who shares our room is the 1st haremette with a room right next to the MC's in their respective manor.

                Larelle at Westcastle and prolly Nerys in the Elven village
                Yeah, Alina really earns her top spot.

                ....And then there's the various harem chats where many of the m9re mature girls laud and compliment Alina's stweardship and Ino all but outing her as the kinda legal first wife, bc Meline is our sister, Larelle iz too tsundere, and Kyrie is fine being our 2nd or 3rd wife....cuz Yamamaya is pretty much next down the wife hierachy after Alina and maybe before Kyrie.

                ....Y'know. It actually is kinda surprising how many of the heroines are genuinely in love with us.... and how interacting with them really does make us a better person....