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  • Iron Waifu 2021 Afterparty

    Great job fans! We won her one during the Harem Collector 1 run of Iron Waifu!

    I've seen a lot of new faces this year especially both in the discord and the forums, so for those of you who are new this thread is a place where everyone is free to discuss the final results in this thread. Who do you wish had done better? How did you predictions pan out? How do you feel about how Iron Waifu is structured as a whole?

    For Iron Waifu 2022 we'll be moving onto characters for "I Live To Serve Dungeon King!!", so any input, thoughts, or sentiments that you all feel about this year's tournament or previous years will be greatly appreciated as we may be looking to adjust how we run the tournament next year.

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    Brig victory party lets go!


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      Once again the lure of new content makes it near impossible for 'content complete' characters to advance past the quarter finals, let alone win. I honestly think the prize structure is by far the greatest problem of the Iron Waifu event, because it changes the tone of the event from "what character is your favourite" to "what character's content do you want to see implemented next" with more content-complete characters basically just filling up the roster. If Iron Waifu had no content-related prizes, or if those prizes were all additional things beyond the content that all characters will eventually get, rather than the current "this will dictate who gets their content update when' model, I'm pretty sure we'd see vastly different results.

      What? No. I am not just salty that Meline lost.

      I mean, I am salty that Meline lost, but I also genuinely feel that the current structure of Iron Waifu is inherently flawed.


      • 2095conash
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        Thanks for the feedback, I know you've given this a few times over the years but I do still want to thank you for voicing your opinions once again. Truthfully looking over it, a big part of the reason why the Iron Waifu prize structure came about as it was is that NoMoshing wanted to give back to the fans in a direct capacity, give them something for engaging in Iron Waifu and help draw more people in but back in 2016 in-game content was his only option. It took a few years before there were any prizes beyond in-game content, and I think that we may have gotten a bit too caught up in trying to keep excitement going that we never took a step back to rethink the prize structure. Hopefully next year we'll be able to have some changes to how things are setup to help avoid the various things that lead to the deflated feeling I've noticed you (and many others) have had over the past few years of Iron Waifu! And Thank you not only for your feedback but for sticking around with us after all these years!

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      Feedback about the IW structure. The tie resolution procedure is quite unsatisfying. It's arbitrary. Neko doesn't enjoy it, and I'm sure many of us don't either. A first alternative would be to keep the poll open for longer in case of a tie. There are probably others, but I'm too lazy to check how it's done in other contests.

      There's also the "pray RNG" part of it. A very popular girl can get kicked round 1 by an unlucky draw, while a less popular girl can reach the semis by virtue of being in a weak quarter. Probably not an easily solvable problem, but a problem nontheless.

      About the prize structure, I don't think having specific prizes would help. I don't think the winner is often going to be number 1 for a lot of people, so we're just going to get salty that our champion didn’t win the prize. But right now, all girls are going to get their content anyway, so it's okay.

      Also, since IW is one of the main ways to get feedback on the game, the current structure may be better. People loving Meline wouldn't be as useful feedback as "we want to see more of Quinta", IMO.


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        Wish Florine, Violet, Jalila, miri, diadira, and Bell had done better. Still pretty happy with the results overall tho

        Ranked voting might be a bit more boring, but it's probably the best option for determining who should get more content and who is most liked.

        I'm fine with waiting for a whiiiiiiile for rewards, and thus the main prize of iron waifu isn't actually from the competition itself- it's from the iron waifu dungeon mod, since that's something that will be permanently affected and while I like most of the girls I'll obviously like some of them for that more than others.


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          I have fun with it. Knowing that some people are voting for content, some people are voting for characters, and some people are voting for whatever reason is all good with me. I vote for the girl I like the best, content complete or otherwise, and invest more in posting day-to-day knowing that doesn't need to be everyone else's motivation.

          Flutterby pointed out some flaws, but I think those'll be a bit easier to handle with a fresh start on ILTSDK. I would really like to know who wins on character alone, not on the prize point motivation.


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            Without rewards, it's going from a slaughter of content-complete girls to a slaughter of unfinished girls.


            • Cazador
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              Meiriona isn't as well done as the other ones, but Meiriona didn't win. Brig did. Is she as well done as the other characters who reached a similar rank in IW in previous years? It's harder to answer.

              Content-incomplete girls aren't comparable to movie extras. They're supposed to be fully fleshed-out characters when the movie will be over, their scenes simply weren't filmed yet. Voting for a content-complete girl because she's got more content is like saying "this character is better because they filmed her scenes first".

            • Dreagos
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              It's not "content complete girls vs content not complete girls" It's "these are the characters we like based on what we have seen so far"

              More content may mean more to like... but it also means more to dislike as well. There are many who dislike Meline because they don't care for the incest fetish. There are many who dislike Gargan because of how he behaved at the start. There are also those who don't care for Yamamaya.

              THE CREATORS NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS. Both for current content, content yet to come and future titles.That's what we need to be doing for these contests.

            • Cazador
              Cazador commented
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              They may also want to know that a girl's content is satisfying as-is, don't you think?

              But anyway, a vote won't tell any of this, that's what comments are for. The contest isn't only about getting feedback for the game, otherwise comments would be more encouraged.

              I also don't think any girl *lost* popularity due to getting *more* content. Meline being incestuous is a core part of her character and was clearly established from her introduction, it's not something that appeared when she gained content. Gargan's behavior at the beginning got explained and they became *more* popular as a result. Yamamaya not appealing to some people was also predictable from the start, like Meline. The only exception seems to be Florine, but while she lost some popularity, her questline was undoubtedly very popular, so it's good content anyway.

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            won at last! Yay!


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              Content discussion is a well-trodden rode, so I'll just point out as usual that the champions all ended up being characters that were both very popular and in need of a LQ. Whether you believe that the reasons for Brig's popularity are silly, paper-thin, or built from fanon rather than canon, she's still a very popular character. Now that she's won my hope is that her fanbase will sit back and let the creator actually write the character, without crying "betrayal" if the final product doesn't match the vision they've had in their heads for 6 years (No reason for concern with her most famous supporters, btw). No waifu in HC is without some deconstruction, remember.

              While there were quite a few surprises this year, almost all of them were a matter of scope, rather than result, at least for me. Brig's win was no surprise, her opening and closing the tournament with wins that surpassed the previous biggest blowout was. Some matches were a lot closer than I expected, like Chimei/Nerys, Yeon/Miri, and Raina/Brig, but in each case the character I expected to win did. The LQ girls hitting the "Quarterfinals Cap" was not surprising if you know IW history. Natya over Yeon was the only match in the tournament where the ultimate victor was truly surprising.

              If you want a different tiebreaker system, just make it "last character leading wins." This encourages earlier voting and removes the allure of creating a tie, particularly near the end of the match.

              ILTSDK IW will be interesting, indeed. No prior assumptions as to character performances, no LQ cap, and no reason to stay tied to the same kind of reward structure. There's a question as to how many characters will be available to compete, which will certainly influence the structure. If you can get 16 and still want a month long event, the first "round" could be individual character polls of the "Love/Like/Neutral/Dislike/Kevin" variety, where fans can focus on giving feedback on the girls without the comparison aspect, then run the bracket from the 17th-31st. If there are fewer than that, round out the list of 32 with HC girls that still need a LQ at the time, keep the ILTSDK girls in the own half/quarter, and give the highest placing HC girl a LQ as a reward, and the highest ILTSDK girl whatever the big prize ends up being.

              But most importantly, it was lot of fun this year, and the not-fun drama was isolated to one match. Thanks to Conash, Romeo, Omni and everyone else who helped run the show!
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                Ze haha funny accent lady has won, huzzah!

                I'm still salty about Yeon, but oh well.

                I do agree with the others though, the prize of IW being the completion of the winners content has poisoned IW, making it very underwhelming in the important areas.