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Day Twelve: Doll vs Pandora

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  • Day Twelve: Doll vs Pandora

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    Another close match, I hope that everyone's enjoying all the support their girls are getting! Today we see a battle of two dolls, one clockwork and one not! No matter which of these two girls win, they will both would want to see you voting for the girl you prefer so enjoy your guilt free vote for whichever of these two you'd rather bring to bed to help keep the nightmares away!

    The poll is expired.

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    Vote Doll!
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      Doll is also in my top picks for girl to win, so this is an easy vote for me. For all that Pandora WOULD get to be the literal Iron Waifu and that joke is in fact hilarious. But alas, not hilarious enough to beat Doll.


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        Pandora's design is gorgeous. For such a cute girl, she sure is lacking content. We barely know who she is! Doll already got art, her LQ, her à la carte... Doll's great, but she's finished. And being finished is part of the reason why she's great. Let's give Pandora a chance to become as great as her.
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        • Dreagos
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          We know exactly who she is. She is PNDR-4 clockwork companion who we can call "Pandora"

        • Cazador
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          But WHO is this PNDR-4 clockwork companion?

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        Dammit! Doll is in my Tier 1 Harem Girls spot!!!! (Alina, Larelle, Meline, Kyrie, Doll, Therese, Chimei, Nerys, and Yamamaya... mostly bc they're playable and fleshed out on top of being in my 'types' strikezone)
        ibwanna vote for her, I really, really, REALLY, RREEAALLYY, do! But! But! Pandora NEEDS fleshing out, like for real!
        She's got no real dialogue, no LQ, and no a la carte but her character is right up there with Doll's for 'WHY' I like her... being a gynoid maid is just.... too hard to turn down, but still not as stupidly awesome as Doll being a freaking, multidimensional houseplant taken from a literal 'World Tree'.
        And considering how freakishly useful and fun her content is... yeah.
        she just needs new a la carte CGs and she's pretty much done...

        But, Pandora NEEDS the win precisely bc she's so lacking in love! I mean, I'm sure she would have some pretty interesting things to say about the other girls, right? Well, that and bc I just want every haremette to have their LQs sooner rather than later, current situation aside.
        (to which I continue to wish NM all the best and a restful recovery)

        But I digress.
        Pandora gets my vote for the same reason Renfield does... Investment trumps pure waifu preference despite Doll being such a goddamn sweetheart... and I legit find massochists attractive, on top of all the rest of her... Yeah, huge Doll fan am I...


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          Gotta go for the submissive slave girl of mysterious origins that isn't such a fucking downer. Pandora is a good slave that isn't a buzzkill that mopes around.


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            . It's a catch-22 for there's just not enough there for me to vote for yet, if she somehow won, she'd shoot way up, I think. but at the moment, I just prefer Doll.


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              Doll certainly has big, bountiful...amounts of content to show off, while Pandora has far less to her name. The gap between how much I like the characters is much smaller than yesterday, but I'll still go with the girl I like best.


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                Got to go with Doll, she's one of my fav waifus.