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Day Two: Penelope vs Natya

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  • Day Two: Penelope vs Natya

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    Glad to see a good turnout on day one! Let's see if we can continue it with today's match as the two girls Hero raises from poverty compete against one another! You decide if it should be the farm-girl who willingly sells herself into slavery or the fallen noble tricked into quite a very notable 'marriage' who will be advancing to the next round!

    The poll is expired.

  • #2
    An easy vote for me. Penny already got a lot of content, while Natya is so barebones... she would need it much more. She gets my vote.

    Penny is an awesome girl tho. There's no denying that.


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      , she's sweet, naive, and properly overwhelmed by . With just her intro, the store improvements, and tea time with the princess, I'm happy to know more. And, while I quite like glasses, I like 's look more than 's, which would probably be mitigated by penny winning, as she'll get an updated sprite and look.


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        As much as I love Penny, I have to give my vote to Natya since she needs the content (as opposed to Penny being fine where she is content wise for the time being)


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          This is a tough one, because I undoubtedly love Penelope way more, and if this was a straight up popularity contest she would easily have my vote. But Penelope's story is done, while Natya really needs more development so I've got to go with her.

          Also fallen noble turned slave girl is just... one of the best character arctypes out there.


          • #6
            Natya is sweet and fun, so she gets my vote. Her LQ should be interesting, perhaps involving her family. An honorable noble house in a dishonorable world could make for great hijinks as Hero applies his particular brand of help to make one of his Harem girls dream come true.


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              Penelope is one of my fave non-combat girls. An easy vote for me, she's just so cute and earnest and loves kids and she cooks and is <3 all over. The best~