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Error speaking whit girls

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  • Error speaking whit girls

    I get an error when speaking to most of the girls

    Script: 'Happiness' line 303: AgumentError occurred.

    comparison of NilClass with 5 failed.

    The Error also triggers when openig the "Followers" point in the menu

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    I'm having the same issue, it makes the game pretty much unplayable.


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      I've found the issue and we'll have things resolved in the upcoming 0.50.4 release, but in the meantime you can fix the issue on your end by installing the attached mod. To do so, you extract the contents of the zip file to your Harem Collector folder, to be more precise inside this zip file you'll find a folder called "Mods" and this folder needs to be added directly into your Harem Collector folder. If you need any further help with the installation or it otherwise fails to work I would advise that you join the discord where I and the various modders we have will be able to work with you directly to resolve any issues.

      Discord server link
      Attached Files