Awiiabus and Halloween

Hey everyone! I’m sorry for this blog post being a bit late today, but I want to prioritize getting the first test version finished before writing this. Because of this and that I didn’t end up getting to work until 2pm today, but I finished what I needed to do, and now on with the blog!

So, in the next update, you’re going to have the option of collecting little figurines called Awiiabu for one of Serade’s kids as an additional way of unlocking rewards. These Awiiabu can be found… pretty much anywhere. I guess there are a lot of holes in people’s backpacks in the Middle Kingdom? We’ve scattered the first two-thirds of them throughout the game, saving the last few to be placed in new content as it comes out. But if you don’t want want to restart the game to collect them all, don’t despair! Like every collectible known to man, any Awiiabu you miss the first time around can be found on the secondary market… or an appropriately extortionate price, of course.

And what sort of things will these wonderful little collectibles grant you? New items, new equipment, but yeah, pretty much every update has that sort of thing. But I know what you’re really after. I can see it in your eyes. But I promise you, it will happen.

After a certain number of Awiiabu are collected, Serade will be grateful enough to give you… stat increases.

Anyway, August’s Poll of the Month in the forums will be the Halloween cosplay poll, so make sure you check in to let your opinion be heard. Nekochan wants a bit of extra time this year to get everything done, so we’re doing the poll a month earlier than usual. We’ve shortlisted some strong picks, though, so I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks!

One Step Forward, Two Steps to the Right

Okay, so.
Five weeks ago, I wrote in Unfinished Business a brief outline of what we were going to accomplish this update cycle. Some stuff has happened, so we’re switching gears a little. Today I’m explaining why.

While we set off with every intention of doing Blow Job as part of the next update, there was something that we need in order to make it happen- a flag. More specifically, a prayer flag sort of pennant that would have to flap in the wind in different directions. As many of you have predicted, Blow Job is a short bonus dungeon that revolves around a series of wind-based puzzles. The problem of using wind as a puzzle element is that, of course, it’s invisible. So we needed some kind of visual indicator as to what direction the wind is flowing- either an animated overlay with flowing lines that convey the idea of wind, or, in our case, a series of Tibetan-style prayer flags we can flap around to act as windsocks for the player.

Unfortunately, I chose to put off actually commissioning the flag sprite itself until the very end. The reason why eludes me- it was probably just poor planning. Suddenly, I was faced with the prospect of designing a dungeon around an art asset I didn’t have, might not be finished on time, would soak up almost entire remaining art budget for the month and thus also prevent us from delivering on the promise of having all the party-unique status effect icons done.

While I could probably pull it off (Kumiho is rarely late on delivering work, losing the party status icon thing isn’t a huge deal, and the flags aren’t actually a necessary part of the core puzzle itself), the truth is that we’re at no loss for things to put in the game, and I’d rather proceed on Blow Job with 100% preparation than potentially create a problem by going off half-assed. Hell, I have enough problems when I use my whole ass.

So Blow Job is being shelved for the v0.31 update. Instead, we’re working on a replacement quest, something that needed to be done anyway, that we have the art assets on the way, and involves one of the most heavily-requested aspects of the game. So, yes, Nerys will get her love quest sooner than predicted.

That’s all for today. As always, thanks for your continued support, and happy fapping.

Sex Scene Update!

Hey everyone!
By the end of this month, all of Nerys’ solo scene CG will be completed! I’m pretty excited about! I still don’t know when I’ll get around to adding in her Love Quest, but at the very least when I do we’ll have all the art assets needed for it.
Next up, of course, is Alina, the winner of this year’s Iron Waifu tournament. The number one priority with her CG would be her love quest, but we’ll also have finished at least one other CG set of hers by the time her Love Quest update is finished.
After that, I want to get a minor character out of the way, and I’ve settled on Lady Silvayuco, mainly because Nekochan has already concept art of her and we could probably squeeze out her small (future) sex scene through in a month. By the time all that’s done, it’ll be high time to get a party member out of the way and I’ve settled on Yamamaya for that role, because there’s been some ambiguities in her character design for a long time now that I’d like the get settled, particularly with regard to her dress and her skin tone.
As for things like group sex scenes, I’m going to be scheduling those when all the girls in that particular scene have already finished their solo stuff. For example, the “Bullying Alina” threesome with Yamamaya would happen after Yamamaya’s scenes are all redone.
So what does this mean? Well, barring any interruptions (or a significant increase in funding), expect the CG schedule to go something like this:

July 2017- Nerys’ Love Quest scene
August 2017- Alina Love Quest scene
September 2017- Claiming your Property
October 2017- Salty Dessert + Nerys Wallpaper public release
November 2017- Alina a la Carte + Alina Vacation
December 2017- All Lady Silvayuco stuff
January 2018- Mating Season
February 2018- That’s Strong Catnip
March 2018- When You’re Not the Victor… + Alina Wallpaper public release
April 2018- Yamamaya a la Carte + Yamamaya Vacation
May 2018- Bullying Alina

I fully expect that at some point, I’ll be able to kick things up a notch and make all this happen faster, but I don’t like planning around things that *might* happen. If I can speed things up, hey, bonus.
Of course, if you’d like to help out to make all this happen more quickly, please consider supporting Bad Kitty Games on Patreon. And if you’d like to keep track of everything with monthly updates, please check out the H-Scene Progress thread on the the Bad Kitty Games forum.
That it for now! Thanks again for following the progress of Harem Collector, and happy fapping!

Combat System

Hey everyone! Conash again! First off, gotta start by saying that the mini-release is going to be delayed, we ran into various issues and couldn’t finish up the new quest in time so sorry backers, we’ll work to get it done as soon as we can!

Now, for the meat of this blog post, I actually wanted to ask for some suggestions from most of you. See, there have been various minor issues with the combat system some new (like how some people would like the skill/item menus to be how they were before) and some old (like the rate that the battlelog text scrolls making it difficult to read). None of these issues are by themselves are big enough projects that I’d set aside a month or two to dive into the scripts dealing with them, but they’re really piling up and I’m planning on trying to deal with them hopefully in the upcoming month (depending on how available my time is). To that end, I wanted to ask you all if there was anything that really stood out to you that was off about the battle system, or suggestions that you had as I want to try to get all of these little issues taken care of at once. Though, I do feel that I should mention that based off of my schedule and how this is more of a personal project, if I don’t have it ready by the 0.29 public release there’s a good chance it won’t be making it into the game before the 0.32 release (in January), hopefully it won’t take that long but we’ll see…

Oh, I almost forgot, given that I am asking you all for suggestions, I figured that I should list out what my plans were! So, in regards to the battlelog the solution seems to be to add something to the option menu to let players toggle how fast it is, this little change will probably be a bit more intensive than the others since I’ll not only have to fight the battlelog itself but also the options menu and will take some tedious testing to make sure everything works right. Next the plan is to find out how to switch the skill/item menu in battle to how it used to be and probably do it, I’m open to the idea of making the old big menus or the new small menus something that players could toggle between but given that’d be about a day or two worth of additional scripting I’m going to hold off on the toggle until I know for sure that there are players who would be interested in having the smaller item/skill menu. Another change that hopefully will be easy to implement is changing the numbers that pop up when you do damage to be different colors based on the elemental damage done, that much shouldn’t be too hard since Yanfly has an addon for that specifically but I’ll have to ensure that there aren’t any conflicts with that, but again that one’s easy once I’m already dealing with the combat system as a whole. There have also been some minor visual hiccups that I’ve noticed, stuff like how if your team has someone with regens or DoTs on them that the numbers stay where their portrait was while the entire party menu on the bottom shifts to the left, or how when you’re using an item/skill on an ally that the portrait of who is using it will cover the final party member, those sorts of hiccups I also plan on handling and while it’ll be annoying to fight with them, it’s nothing that I’m not used to!

So yeah, sorry about the long ramble there, but if any of you have any issues, ideas, or suggestions for a battle system update please leave a comment or otherwise let me know so that I can look into trying to add it into my little combat system update…. Whenever I get to it >.>


So, I play the tabletop miniature wargame (imagine me saying that with a lisp for best results) Warhammer 40,000. When I’m not busy fawning over waifus, rolling around in my various collections, or occasionally, y’know, working, you can usually find me assembling or painting a new mini, or getting in nerd fights with the basement troll over this rule or that. Recently, a new edition of Warhammer 40k released, overhauling most of the existing mechanics, and this Sunday I’m heading off to a Warhammer 40k tournament for the first time ever. I’m pretty excited! It’s gotten to the point that the basement troll and myself have been fanboying over various Warhammer things for about a month and a half now and Nekochan is getting annoyed every time it comes up.

While I am busy getting things ready for next week’s backer-only mini-update, Warhammer occasionally intrudes. I’ve had strategies and tactics on the brain for awhile- what if I take x unit out of my army and replace it with y? What am I going to do about z type of opponent? That sort of thing. I think my army is pretty good. I’ve got these guys called Pathfinders who have really long range things called markerlights which can supply targeting data to the rest of my army, I’m going to screen them with a couple Strike Teams who have some pretty powerful guns and will hopefully keep the Pathfinders nice and safe. Then I have some kickass mecha, a bomber, and a Breaching Team to track down the enemy and actually deal damage and secure objectives.

I don’t know why I’m telling you guys all of this- maybe in hopes that if I clear all this shit out of my brain I can work a little better? I don’t know. Thanks for putting up with it, I guess, and comment if you’re interested in hearing what happens at the tournament!

How I design enemies

Hey everyone, Conash here! First, I’d like to remind everyone that the public devstream is this Saturday! Now normally here’s where I’d talk about my current scripting project, but NoMoshing already gave you all the cliff-notes and there’s not anything more that I can add on the matter. While I do have a few ideas of some other scripting stuff that I’d like to squeeze into this update I can’t guarantee I’ll have time to do those so I’ll save that talk for another time, which leaves me really with talking about the newest task that I’ve taken up, enemy design.

While I’m far from an expert, I thought you all might still appreciate hearing how I go about it. In regard to common enemies I try to think in terms of the various ‘roles’ that the player characters come in (damage, tank, debuffer, and support) and since we’re a fair amount into the game I feel pretty comfortable assuming the player is properly equipped to handle a ‘full deck’ of enemies. I make sure to talk about what types of enemies we’d be fighting with NoMoshing and try to figure out a good range to fill those various roles. On top of that I also like to fit in little tidbits about the enemies in their design (surprised no one’s pointed out yet that the Devout Clerics have a bit of a surprising magic selection). Beyond that there’s not a whole much too it, I make sure that their various strengths/weaknesses both make sense and are consistent with that type of enemy among other things.

Bosses however get a bit more thought put into them. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I personally like my bosses to have a unique feeling to them, they should be a boss in more than just numbers. With the last quest, I had to play around a bit including changing enemy behavior in the entire game to be able to pull it off that the main boss would switch between an offensive spell and then a support spell with his two actions, throw in that the offensive spell goes from single target to an AoE once he drops below 50% health and you’ve got a very good incentive for players to take out the other bosses first. It might be a bit light in terms of being unique behavior, but with four boss enemies you can’t really go too over the top, whereas the upcoming boss for the Cannibal Corps finale I’m probably getting a bit too hands on with them…. Let’s just say, I’m not exactly a fan when bosses become RNG-dumb.

Though, another thing about these sorta boss gimmicks that I feel is important is that the player shouldn’t be caught completely unaware of it, whether you can figure it out if you pay attention to the story of the quest, by seeing some minors have a weaker version of the behavior, or maybe even I bug NoMoshing to throw some dialogue in somewhere hinting at it, I feel that a player should be able to get a good idea of what to expect from the boss’ behavior before it’s risked wiping out their entire party. I might give up on this particular little practice later on so that bosses aren’t easy to predict, but I imagine many of the less observant players may have a few surprises in store for them.

Anyway, that’s probably more than enough rambling about enemy design for you all, see ya later!


Unfinished Business (What we’re doing for next update)

So, the theme of the next update is, as the title of this blog post suggests, “unfinished business”. But what exactly does that mean? What can you expect coming up?

First off, for the backer mini-update later this month, we’re working on the second leg of the quest “Cannibal Corps”. This will involve a second dungeon, where you storm part of the Eastfort keep and track down the demon cult that’s at the centre of all the trouble your slaves experienced in the Eastfort sewers. Following that, well be working on “Blow Job”, the second relationship bonus quest that Gargan gives you, which will involve exploring a disused monastery deep within the mountains, searching for treasure and other bonuses.

I’ve also been moved by the pro-Serade campaign that occurred during Iron Waifu, so because of that we’re going to be putting some focus on the MILF shopkeeper of Eastfort. There will be a new collection subquest, wherein you will be tasked with chasing down collectible toys for one of Serade’s boys, and scoring some serious brownie points with Serade by doing so. This won’t replace the usual relationship point system with her, but doing so will give you some unique bonuses and unlock additional dialogue. Besides, isn’t gathering collectible trinkets a reward in itself?

Conash will be working on a few things, but in particular getting the CD Player code up and running. In case you don’t know what that is, you’ll be able to purchase a gadget for changing up the music in the Northmrket manor, and the CD items we’ve placed here and there within the game will unlock your music options. Eventually, you’ll be able to place CD Players in all the player housing, but for now we’re getting the one finished and out of the way and fully implementing CDs for all of Harem Collector’s proprietary music. Of course, this won’t be the only thing Conash gets up to, and he’ll be flexing his talents in the way of more enemy design and polishing up the existing areas of the game.

SacB0y, our newest team member, has already turned in art for Nerys’ sex a la carte and vacation sex scenes, and he’s currently working on her random sex scene pics, so getting those written and implemented into the game will also be a top priority. One all of Nerys’ solo sex scene stuff is in the bag, he’ll be working on new art for Alina in preparation for the Iron Waifu update in September, so I hope everyone gets excited for that!

Kumiho, who is responsible for all those shiny new status effect icons in the most recent update, will be focused primarily on getting through statuses that are unique to the party members. Things like Martyr, Coldsnap, Font of Life, Diadira’s songs, and Unity Force will be getting new icons for the next version, on top of a smattering of other statuses like the various Blessings and the elemental resistance effects.

Of course, we just surpassed a new goal tier on the Patreon page, and so the search for a new artist is on! Specifically, we’re looking for a second sprite artist to work on character sprites, with an eye on getting the clockwork maid and the Southport player housing fully implemented by the end of the year. Other high priority sprites I’d like to have done are the denizens of Huntervale in all their many forms, and new sprites for some of the main and secondary characters in the game, such as the Queen and Borgan, who are still using default RPG Maker sprites.

So yeah, it’s busy as always for Bad Kitty Games. Thanks for your ongoing support, especially those of you who choose to back us on Patreon, and happy fapping!

Harem Collector v0.28.7 Public Release!

Download Page

Features in this version:

-We’re now offering a new “lite version” download that will allow you to update your game if you’ve previously downloaded the full version!
-New Banneret ceremony for those of you with a massive amount of fame (may require completing a few tournaments), which will include it’s own scenes with a certain well known character.
-A new quest requiring the banneret rank, where you will find out what’s really going on with the elves!
-New faceset and artwork for Nerys done by the new artist SacB0y!
-Yeon’s facesets have been changed to more accurately reflect her appearance
-New custom icons for a whole bunch of statuses, including new health, mana, and momentum icons done by Kumiho!
-Stun, Knockdown, Sleep, and Paralysis have been changed to reduce chance of stun-locking on both the player and enemy side of things, while still possible players are advised to not rely solely on such strategies.
-The Save system has now switched to the Yanfly system showing more information on your save files in addition to a new 50 save file limit. Old save files can still be loaded but new save files will not be able to be transferred to old versions of the game.
-A brand new auto-save feature with it’s own save file that should help prevent full game resets for people who don’t save often.
-A new encyclopedia system that will tell you what various special equipment can do, ask Kyrie about ‘research’ to learn more!
-New Party banter between Therese x Diadira and Yeon x Yamamaya!
-Heartbeat Panic has had it’s chance to give extra actions reduced, but the bug where two-part skills (such as Kyrie’s Burning Blizzard or Raina’s Beatdown) count as two actions instead of 1 has been fixed.
-Due to issues many players have had with severe lag (sometimes stopping the game from updating the visuals entirely) the ability to turn the rain animation on/off has been added to the options menu. While the game will still act as if it is raining the animation itself will not play. Instead, players will have to rely on the sound of rain when outside to determine if it’s raining.
-A BUNCH of bug fixes.

Iron Waifu Endgame (aka, I Was Gonna Delay, But…)

Okay, first off- the Backer Release will be out in a few hours. It was a damn near thing, though.

You see, last Wednesday I finished the first draft of the puzzle we’re using in the newest dungeon. And, after giving it a think, well, it just wouldn’t work. We’re looing at a situation where it was almost impossible to figure out without a a diagram, but then with a diagram it was just carrying out a tedious series of steps. So, Conash, epic tester Seil, and I put our noses to the grindstone and worked hard over the last week to develop a new puzzle, finish off the quest, and have everything ready to go. Next time you’re on the forum or the Discord, make sure to give a tip of the hat to Conash and Seil, because this release would not have happened with them putting in a lot of work.

Anyway, on to the meat of today’s blog post: What to expect for each of the final nine if they happen to win Iron Waifu 2017.

Alina: For all the harem girls without a love quest, it should go without saying that yes, they will receive a proper love quest. However, Alina’s somewhat of a special case. She’s already got a full complement of sex scenes, after all, minus the one from her love quest. So, of course the only proper response is to bow to a frequent fan request! For Alina, expect a love quest with associated scene, an additional random scene featuring a threesome with Alina and Therese, for the Alina x Doralice sex scene images to be done Also, her chat menu option will be made completely up-to-date, and her total art revamp will be pushed to the top.

Brigandine: Brigandine is putting forward a strong showing, as always. But what if the top NPC in the game manages to make it all the way to the top? Well, we’ll have to explore some of the things associated with her backstory. For Brigandine, expect a quest where you will accompany her on a return trip to the cursed city of Bateau-Assassinat, with Brigandine as a guest star party member. She will conclude the quest by having a sex scene with the Hero, and in the spirit of her role as a trainer, a few characters will be added to the game who will train up some of your party members’ own skills, and Brigandine will be able to point you towards them. Plus, she’ll get her art revamp, even though that’s just her face set at this moment.

Chimei: I’m pretty impressed with Chimei, all told. She’s had a pretty strong showing this year, and I’m personally cheering for her. What to expect from the mysterious slave girl? Chimei’s love quest, where you’ll find out why Chimei became a slave as her former owner will be coming back to reclaim her, will be added to the game, including a couple ways for you to translate all her dialogue for the duration of the quest. As well, we’ll add an individual random scene with her to the game. Finally, her initial cost will be reexamined and adjusted, and her art revamp will be bumped to the top.

Doll: Oh, Doll! How could I have forgotten? Doll will receive a love quests delving into her origins and why she’s an amnesiac, with accompanying scene, plus a sex scene featuring her and the Hero for the random sex scene list. Her art revamp will be bumped to the top of the order, and a fully up-to-date chat option will be available.

Kyrie: Although a pretty controversial character, should Kyrie rise to the top you can expect some big things from her. Of course, she’ll get a love quest with associated scene, where you’ll team up with her old party to take care of some unfinished business from her past, plus a random scene and her sex-on-demand menu all filled out. I’ll also run a poll to see who she should get a group sex scene with. Her chat options will also be made up-to-date and her art revamp will be bumped to the top.

Larelle: Another controversial pick, due to her vampire harem plan, but maybe you’ll have a chance to change her mind about that if you crown her as Iron Waifu? She’ll get her love quest, where you’ll descend into some long-forgotten ruins in search of forbidden magical lore in hopes of super-charging Larelle’s necromantic powers. As well, she’ll get her full complement of on-demand sex scenes, plus a new individual scene will be added to the random sex scenes. On top of that, we’ll see her chat menu option be made fully up-to-date and her art revampe prioritized.

Violet: Alright, go maids! Violet’s gotten pretty far this time around, and I’m hoping she’ll continue to impress. As for her reward for making Iron Waifu? The usual- a love quest plus scene, this time going back to Violet’s homeland in order to save her parents from a magical disaster, as well as updated chat options, the art revamp being kicked up, etc. Add to that a new sex scene where she’ll take care of the Hero’s needs all by herself, plus twin sister Lilac will be going for a revamp at the exactly same time, so it’s two revamps for the price of one!

Yamamaya: Well, that was close. I mean, I didn’t even really have Yamamaya’s writeup prepared, because Nerys was so far ahead. But let’s see… First off, the usual: bumped up in art priority, up to date chat option, no problem. She’ll also get an individual random sex scene where she’ll have the Hero all to herself. She will also share her gift of love quest with her best friend! And no, you’re not going to find out who that is until the fateful day. But it would be a Yamamaya-themed update, so why don’t we also revamp all the catfolk NPCs while we’re at it?

Hope that helps narrow down your picks for the quarterfinal- and beyond! I’ll see all you guys later, just a scootch more work to do on that backer release!

Introducing SacB0y!

Hello, world!
I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to the BKG Discord, forum, or whatever else recently, but the update we’re going to be rolling out over the next two weeks will feature artwork from HC’s newest artist, SacB0y! He’s a veteran game artist who did backgrounds and CG for spy visual novel Secret Agenda by GDIdoujins.

As for SacB0y’s skills, well…

He’s pretty good.

SacB0y is on board to do all of Nerys’ CG scenes, so expect her to have her on-demand sex scenes, vacation sex scene, and maaaaybe a random sex scene by v0.29 next August. Plus I’ll have her love quest pics for… whenever that happens? Hey, maybe for this September if she wins Iron Waifu.

Speaking of which, as of today, Iron Waifu is in Round Two, with the first match being Kyrie vs Raina. Voting has been consistently strong, which I’m pretty glad for. It’s nice hearing people talk about which character they like and why, so please don’t be afraid to comment.

Anyway, like the schedule says, this Sunday is May’s public Devstream, and we’re doing a couple of special things! First of all, it’s going to be a multi-stream with SaB0y, so you can watch him work on some more great HC art while I finish polishing stuff up for the Backer release. Also, it’s probably going to be the last day of me playing Puzzle Agent in the pre-show, so I’ll be running a straw poll over the course of the stream where you guys will be able to vote on what I’ll be playing next. You can find the Bad Kitty Games stream channel over here.

Whew, what an update! Lots of exciting stuff going down. Well, I’m off- still a lot of work to do before release day!