Why does Wednesday always follow after Tuesday?

Nekochan here because NoMoshing is playing Lufia and the Fortress of Doom.

A belated Happy New Year! It’s a bit late but I drew a little something for family and friends for the holiday season and wanted it share it with all of you as well!

(Yeah, it’s totally D’arcy. Trying to get a photo of her sleeping as a reference was totally a chore, she kept waking up and then staring at me)

I’ve been a busy Neko so far this year. I finished character reference sheets for two lovely ladies – Evanie and Elaiya. Evanie is actually a second attempt after the first one failed to properly evoke the right level of Evanie-ness. While Elaiya has sprite already and all, her reference sheet will help with the CGs and when her dialog/menu portraits get overhauled.

I’ve also begun work on one of the as-of-yet unintroduced harem ladies – the shopkeeper of Westcastle. I’m liking how much free reign I’m getting on her design – I even got to make a proposal for her name! The discord peeps have already heard about this one since NoMoshing has been running my name suggestions over with them and refining it from there. I’m excited to see how it will turn out!

I’m not sure what character I’ll take on after though, I’m personally leaning towards one that still needs a sprite. I’d love to try the Southport maid because I’m super excited to see what Yuko would do with the sprite but I’m sure if you, our loving audience has any thoughts on where I should focus my efforts, NoMoshing is more than happy to hear them.

Speaking of getting your thoughts out to NoMoshing – this Sunday (the 21st) will be the Devstream for backers from 3pm to 6pm (EST). As usual the first hour will be him playing Quest for Glory while the rest of the time will be dedicated to (maybe) getting some work done. Really depends of the temperament of the chat. If you’re backer and available, he’d love to see you there!

Aside from blatant promotion of husband and drawing reference art of pretty ladies, I have been finding some time to play games (mostly when I sick with the flu at the tail end of 2017…). I’ve focused all my time on the re-release of Tokyo Xanadu because I’m a sucker for Falcom games now (*cough*still need to finish Trails of Cold Steel 2*cough*). I’ve been really enjoying it because I love how rich the world is and how almost every person has a name and a story. The combat system is a bit meh since I prefer my RPGs turn-based but I’m getting by (mostly by grinding for high level orbs and buying shit tons of healing potions). Rion is my waifu in case you are curious.

Anyway, don’t want to ramble too much about my fandoms so I’ll think I’ll leave things here – have a great rest of the week!

New Year Outlook pt 2 (SPOILER ALERT)

Alright, so, where was I…?

Last week was not pleasant. I was the worst sick than I’ve ever been in a long time. Thankfully, the goal system I’ve adopted isn’t totally fucked yet. I am going to have to really push to get my monthly goals in, but I don’t think I’m in danger of failing yet.

Anyway, when v0.32 goes to the backers, it’ll have two quests- Send Newts and the finale to Dude, Where’s My Sword? This sets up the end of the Cult Quest storyline, which will probably be the first of the four storylines to close out, maybe by fall, depending on how much of a pain it is to set up the storyline reward harem girl. She will have an alternative relationship system, kind of like Eulania, based on how often you have sex with her, and triggering her Love Quest can happen VERY quickly so all that in mind she might skip the line a little and get new CGs immediately after Orange Kid.

For v0.33 I really want to get three significant pieces of content. One is going to be the Westcastle shopgirl- Nekochan is cooking up a very adorable character design for her, and I’m pretty excited to have a new harem girl in the game, for the first time since… Nerys or Diadira, I think? For the other two pieces of content, one is gong to be an Ancient Mysteries quest, not sure about the other one.

The reason for all the planning is because I want to finish the year at the endgame. Obviously, there is a certain of life RNG involved, but I’m hopeful. What’s going to be really difficult is the post-game- I don’t expect a lot of patreon supporters will stick around for dialogue rewrites, new sex scene CG, and preview art of the next project, but we’ll see? After all, so many of you have supported me this far.

Anyway, I just wanted to expand on my goal structure and wrap up last week’s topic a little bit better. See you next time!

New Year Outlook

Here’s how my year has gone so far:

January 1st: Nice, relaxing day, got a little bit of work done.
January 2nd: Set out year-long goals in writing, got all the contract work in line for the next month.
January 3rd: Head cold

I am currently writhing with a mixture of frustration and the shivers as I consult the best medical advice available on the interwebs to figure out why the fuck, between Nekochan and I, one of us is basically sick at all times. We’ve tried pretty much everything at this point, and I’m honestly on the verge of bathing the cat in hand sanitizer and setting fire to all our clothes.

Anyway, my moaning aside….

Like I mentioned, I’m writing a list of fairly detailed long-term goals this year, breaking them down into seasonal, monthly, and weekly targets, with a little bit of wiggle room to be revised as needed. I’m still ironing out the details on the “career” goals, but I’m hoping this new method of planning things works out.

Anyway, just wanted to do a quick “check-in”, can’t word good with a head cold so I’m trying to stick to more “menial” game-elated tasks like enemy and map design. See you next week!

Art Acceleration

Starting this week, we’re adding a new funding option for those who want to support development of the game and are frustrated with the large backlog of old or unfinished sex scenes. You will now be able to directly fund art assets for sex scenes in the backlog, accelerating art assets to be worked on alongside the usual art schedule. This allows fans of particular characters to invest directly in getting art for their preferred scenes done first.

There are a few stipulations:
-Payments are processed via Paypal. While payments are processed through the Bad Kitty Games Paypal account, all payment go 100% into the new artwork- BKG does not take a “cut”.
-The cost of a sex scene is generally $70 per image. We will not accept payment for a sex scene piecemeal, however we are willing to accept payments from multiple individuals if a coalition forms to pay for one of these sex scenes.
-The other major factor is SacB0y’s schedule. We will fit in the accelerated sex scene art as soon as possible, but this isn’t the only game that SacB0y is working on, and if this program proves popular, SacB0y may simply end up worked to capacity.
-After payment is received in full, work will generally begin on the following month, and take 3-4 weeks, although there may be delays that you will informed of up front.
-For now, only scenes with existing 3DCG are being pre-assessed. If you’d like to accelerate any other scenes, by all means ask, and I can provide you with an answer.

You can find the pre-assessed prices and other details here.

Harem Collector v0.31.8 Change Notes

Get the newest version here!

New in this version:

-New quest! Make sure you’ve finished up all quests that deal with Eastfort then walk on over to see the next Kellos Invasion quest!
-Redone artwork for Alina’s pretty much everything, ‘Claiming your property’, ‘Salty Dessert’, Vacation, and ‘Sex a la Carte’ sex menu scenes all are updated with brand-new art!
-New happiness and furniture systems!
-New sprites and faces for the Hero!

The Ethics of Porn

Whew. What a weekend.

In case you missed it, there was a big hubbub over the new Patreon fee structure, which earlier today Patreon decided not to go through with because of the bad reaction people had to it. While we were not hit as badly as most, due to our patrons being a bunch of incredibly awesome badasses, it was was still a problem, and because this is third time this year Patreon has caused me drama, I’ve looking into running a second campaign elsewhere, with the same benefits at the same cost levels, in case anyone wants an alternative.

A lot of things that have happened recently have made been recall my long-age college course on “Ethics in Business and Technology”. Particularly, the ethical philosophy I adhere to when making decisions for Bad Kitty Games- stakeholder theory.

Stakeholder theory posits that everyone who has an interest in seeing a business succeed should be considered when making business decisions. That includes internal stakeholders- owners and managers like myself as well as contractors and employees like Conash, SacB0y, Kumiho, etc- and what are known as external stakeholders- Patreon supporters, other fans, even entities such as the government and other projects in the h-game industry.

The way I do this is my setting up a mental hierarchy of who the stakeholders in Bad Kitty Games are. That hierarchy goes something like this:

Nekochan and I
Conash, Kumiho, SacB0y and other employees
Financial backers
Other fans
Society at large

When I need to make a decision, I try to figure how everyone will be affected and to what degree. The worst possible decision I can make is one that negatively affects all stakeholders. This is why you can trust I won’t just abruptly disappear some day without explanation- that would represent a decision that affects everyone negatively (even me, as I’d be out of a job and with a giant blemish on my reputation as a creator). Conversely, the best possible decision is one that positively affects everyone involved.

There is a lot of nuance in this method. For example, me taking a sick day has negative consequences for all backers and fans (as you’re not getting the game any sooner), but the potential benefits to my health outweigh that.

I’m not sure why I shared this… except, I guess, to say that I don’t make any decisions lightly, and I have a very careful method of thinking things through. Hopefully this will help you all have some confidence that, on the rocky road ahead, you will know that even if I misstep, I always consider the consequences of my actions.

For some reason, I suddenly want ice cream….

Right so let’s talk happiness

So, in the last blog post I talked about the happiness system, and some of you seem to have some reservations about the system. As such I’d like to take a moment and open the floor to some discussion about the matter, here I’ll be very open and express my full sentiments on the matter.

So let’s start with one of the concerns I’ve been getting, which is about gifting. Gifting will NOT be going away, it will stay very much a part of HC. The new system is honestly meant in many ways to improve upon and allow for alternatives to gifting. I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve had many days in HC where I forgot to give Randi some pearls, or decided that Renfeld was just too out of the way to give a monster fang to and I didn’t really NEED to raise her affection to the max, so there would be some in-game days that I simply wouldn’t give out all the gifts to people. When this was coupled with some complaints that we’d get from people who seemed to think of gifting as a chore more than anything, NoMoshing came to the conclusion that the gifting system just wasn’t doing what he wanted. The initial design for gifting was inspired by Dragon Age: Origins, where you’d enjoy giving your characters gifts rather than feel like you had to slog through 30 minutes of chores before you could get to the ‘real’ game. That said, we didn’t want to outright remove gifting because that’s a big part of the game. Instead, we changed it so that instead of gifts giving affection directly, they instead earn you some ‘affection per day’ for a few days. This serves to make it so that you can get the max ‘gifting affection’ by only hopping over to Eastfort say once every 3 days instead of every day so those who forget to give gifts or just want to get to the rest of the game sooner aren’t as hard pressed to do it. That said, gifting is still a major part of the affection system and if you don’t mind the daily grind, you can continue to run around playing Santa and should be just fine. The point of these changes is so that later in the game, as you have more furniture, as you’ve made more choices, as you have more girls than you can count on your fingers and toes, that you have more options than, “Gifting’ or “Nothing”.

This does however bring me to another point about the gifting system that I know won’t be popular with a lot of you. Maximum ‘gift’ affection per day has been reduced. Gifts were always intended to only give +2 affection per day instead of +3, however with how few days were in the game originally this would have made it impossible to get the freedom to actually get to new relationship bonuses for a lot of the girls, let alone their love quests. That said, the game has come a long way since then, so when the affection system was already looking to be changed, now seemed an appropriate time to go ahead an reduce that. I thought that just having a max of +2 per day didn’t really fit in with one of the ideas that the game has a lot of depth for min-maxers while still being pretty simple and easy to play through for more casual players intentionally, which is why I put together a complicated system that’s meant to take place behind the scenes that allows players who work for it to be able to achieve up to +4 affection per day with any given girl. The idea though is that in practice the average character will only be getting +2~+3, but if you really want to spoil your absolute favorite girl, the intention is for you to be able to do just that. If you guys don’t feel that this is an acceptable trade off, feel free to share your opinions on the matter.

Now, this is a part that I glossed over before, but there will also be possible to lose affection per day, this was brought on due to several requests for it. Originally the only way to lose affection was during the Manor Assault if you praised someone who didn’t fight then everyone else there would lose one affection point (though you weren’t when/if this happened), now just as you can get up to +4 affection per day, you can also go as low as -4 affection per day. The addition of this consequence is something that can help make your choices feel more impactful as if the ‘worst’ that you can do is no change that can cheapen your actions. That said, I still wanted to make sure that the game didn’t punish you for not understanding it’s systems right away, so I’ll be upfront in saying that while you can go into the negatives for happiness and affection per day, the system is very generous. For example, the best gifts will give you +4 happiness while the worst gifts will give -2 happiness, this is reflected in just about every aspect of happiness. Something else to help is that you can never go below the ‘minimum’ for any given relationship stage. If you got Larelle out of the dungeon but hate her and have her at -4 affection per day she’ll never go below 21 affection and end up ‘back’ in the dungeon. Perhaps this fails to deal with the problem of having ‘cheap’ choices if the system is biased to head positive, but I at least thought it’d be a good way to add some consequence to the system without making it so that players can get stuck at -1 affection per day their entire playthrough on their waifu just because they made some mistakes.

Another thing that we did get some complaints about is the new visual display. We now have a rather Harvest Moon-esque heart meter instead of flat out telling you the affection values. If I’m being frank, while I do enjoy the look of it, the min-maxer in me doesn’t like that we’re taking away some direct numerical feedback to the players. This has been a point of disagreement a few times between me and NoMoshing where he doesn’t really like giving you guys direct numbers (after all, when you open an animal guide or something in real life it doesn’t tell you that bears have an attack stat of 54 or whatever) and instead prefers more visual or abstract feedback, whereas I’m usually pushing for more and more detailed information getting back to the player which can cause information overload for many. An instance of what I mean by abstract feedback can be seen with the ‘mood’ indicator that tells you if a character is ‘Very Happy’, ‘Happy’, ‘Unhappy’, or ‘Very Unhappy’, see this is how the game gives you feedback of the affection per day that you’re getting, there was some back and forth between me and NoMoshing on what was the best way to do this, and we eventually agreed that this was acceptable as while you can’t really tell if you’re getting +4 or +3 per day from this alone, you do know the difference between +3 and +1. For the most part this happiness indicator serves to give you a general idea as to where you stand and does have enough nuance that you can notice some significant changes to it, but it’s also abstract enough that it’s not full on immersion breaking.

Sorry for the massive wall of text, but I wanted to make sure that I explained things as clearly and thoroughly as it looks like this will need to be. If you have any comments, concerns, or criticisms please feel free to share them.

I did it!

Hey everyone, I’m here to give you all a run-down of some of the new stuff that’ll be in the upcoming release, of which I only finished my contribution to like 5 hours before this so yay for finishing by the deadline!

First of all, before I go into my typical scripting rant, I’d like to take a brief moment to highlight that the new quest for this release is going to be a big one that’s going to throw the story for a bit of a loop! I’m personally really looking forward to seeing how you all react! Also free e-cookie to the first person to guess which one enemy in the new quest that I designed (NoMoshing handled the others since I had a lot on my plate as is)!

Now let’s get into what I’ve been working on for this release, the happiness system. I won’t get super into details about the numbers of this system (though I might try to set aside from time to do just that on the wiki after the public release) but this system is in general designed to change the existing affection system. See one of the big issues with the existing affection system is that it basically requires that you play Santa to your entire harem every day, and while that might not be too bad with 3-5 girls, when you get above 20 I imagine it’s quite tedious for a lot of you, as such the new system is supposed to, by the end of the game at least, make gifting entirely optional, as you can instead rely on stuff like the furniture system or various character interactions instead to grant you a passive amount of affection per girl daily. Gifts themselves are also a bit less tedious as if you give a girl their favorite gift a certain number of days in a row you’ll reach the max ‘gift happiness’, and from there it’ll take a few days for the gift happiness counter to decrease enough to decrease the amount of affection per day.

Now, as I said I don’t want to go into the exact details here but I will give you all a general hint, there’s more or less 3 happiness counters that are all recorded separately, they are affected by different things and they each have a maximum affection per day that they can give you. The system is designed so that there’s certainly a lot of options and can be difficult to get the ‘maximum’ affection per day on every character at once, but if you’re just playing casually you should be able to stay in the positive happiness values on everyone just fine. I even made sure that ALL love quests were still obtainable with the new system, of which Therese may give some players some trouble as you can’t rely only on gifts for her but even that should help be mitigated with time. Do keep in mind though that you will need to talk to various characters to increase their relationship level, you can’t just leave them in the dungeon waiting until they get to 101 affection I’m sorry to say!

Another thing that this new system will bring is overhauling the relationship meter. Instead of just telling you the value of the affection there will be a meter that fills up for each relationship level showing you your progress. It is designed to update at even 1 point increments though you may not always notice it, we’re happy with the sprites that Kumiho provided for the affection meter! You will also be getting some feedback about the affection per day a character is earning, but it’s not going to be quite as straight-forward, after all I don’t know about you but when I look at someone I have a hard time saying that they’re at +2 affection happiness or +1 affection happiness! You know, whoever designed real life should probably ask me to update the GUI, it’s so hard to understand your stats at any given moment!

That’s more or less it. With the completion of this I probably won’t be doing a lot of big scripting projects for HC at this point. There’s still several scripting things I’d like to do, bugs that need to be fixed, and enemies AI that I can fine-tune, but honestly at this point I’m probably mostly going to be focusing on the next big project and laying out the groundwork for that… Anyways that’s all from me! Hope you guys enjoy this update!

Coasting to the Finish

Things are a little behind right now, so we’ll probably not be able to kick off testing week until Friday. There are a few reasons why, such as last week’s embarrassing display (Ugh…), but I won’t get into those. My obligations are clearing up and I should be able to cross the finish line a little late but otherwise with plenty of time to spare. Thanks, as usual, for your patience.

One of the things that has been distracting me is a Warhammer 40k miniature painting contest that I’m entering this Friday. I know, I know, that’s a really silly thing to lose work time on, but in my defense I was the one who pushed my FLGS to run it, so I felt obligated to enter. I made a pretty ambitious model (A T’au Empire Commander in Enforcer armor, standing victoriously with one leg up on top of a dead Plague Marine, I even used the “missile in flight” bits from a couple of Devastator boxes to make it look like he was in the middle of firing his missile pod… and now I’ve gone cross-eyed) and it was just a beast to paint in terms of sheer work. I’ve probably clocked close to 15 hours on it. Way more work than I signed up for, in any case. Nekochan is also entering, so wish us luck!

Here is a really shitty pic of our two entries. Nekochan’s Tech-Priest Dominus is there on the left.

Anyway, I better get back to work. See you all next week for the Backer release!


Hit the depression wall pretty hard this week, so please adjust your expectations for the release accordingly. I hate doing this sort of thing, I feel like a fucking cartoon character every time I have to do it.

In exchange for this lackluster blog post, I invite you to enjoy this preview CG from the new update.

Following the Development of Harem Collector