Full Version

Step 1: Install your HaremCollector_blahblahblah.exe to a folder of your choosing.
Step 2: Move the replay.rvdata2 file, the misc_data.rvdata2 (if applicable) and all the SaveXX.rvdata2 files to the new folder.
Step 3: Enjoy!

Lite Version

The lite version update only works if you already have the previous version of Harem Collector or later already extracted, if you don't please download and extract the full exe file instead!!!

To update your version of HC, please copy all files located in the lite folder (both 'Game' files and the Help file) and paste them in your existing version of Harem Collector. When asked if you would like to replace a file say yes every time.

You should now be able to enjoy the latest update as if you had downloaded and extracted the exe file!