Meta Questions

Q: What is the state of development at this moment?

A: Things for Harem Collector are progressing fairly steadily at the moment, and updates are coming out every two months like clockwork. We're drawing close the end of primary story content for HC, and hope to be finishing up in the foreseeable future. H-scene artwork, music, and other things like that will probably lag behind for awhile, but the end is in sight for Harem Collector.

I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!! is currently in pre-production. We are designing systems, concepting characters, and generating ideas. Ideally, while we're closing out Harem Collector, we'll begin on the alpha build of ILTSDK.

Q: How can I support the development of Harem Collector and I Live To Serve Dungeon King!!

A: I'm glad you asked! Please, consider checking out our Patreon campaign.

Q: Where else can I follow development of Harem Collector and I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!!

A: Please check out our Discord, Blog, Picarto channel and NoMoshing's Twitter.

Q: What is the state of the backer rewards?

A: Most of our Backer rewards are administered directly through Patreon- check there frequently to make sure you're getting all the rewards you're entitled to. Our older backer rewards- ie, the ones involving adding new content to the game- are coming out rather slowly as we integrate them into normal development. We are very willing to work with backers to ensure that you're getting your money's worth, so please feel free to contact us through the Patreon message service if you are at all dissatisfied.

Q: What is the deal with the "grandfathered backer list"? What if I can't commit to Patreon and want to support the game financially?

A: The "grandfathered" backers are individuals who donated to HC via Paypal before the Patreon got started. In recognition of their support when the game was much smaller, they are guaranteed lifetime week-early updates for Harem Collector as if they belonged to the $2 Backer tier on Patreon. However, support for the grandfathered backer list will end as soon as development on Harem Collector is over.

If for some reason you can't use Patreon, but would like to support the game, please be sure to share the game to your friends and be an active participant in our community. An advocate is as valuable to us as a backer!

Q: Are you on any alternatives to Patreon?

Our usual policy concerning new alternatives to Patreon becoming available is a "wait and see" approach- because running concurrent campaigns on multiple sites drastically increases our workload, we require that new platforms prove themselves before we commit to them. At this moment, no crowdfunding alternatives have become available that have proven secure and stable enough to meet our standards while also providing the tools we need to reach our audience.

Q: Can I volunteer to help with your company?

A: At this time, HC is not looking for volunteer help. You may, however, apply to do contract work on HC. Right now, HC has a need for Music Composers, Animators and Sound Designers, with both long-term contracts in exchange for royalties and piece work contracts available. Email nomoshing [at] for more details, and please have a portfolio available.

If you cannot do those things, please consider supporting HC via Patreon, or at least spreading the word about HC. The more people who play HC, the more people will consider supporting us by Patreon, the more money the Bad Kitty Games Patreon makes, which in turn means that more people can be hired to get HC finished faster.

Q:What happens with the Devstream?

A: Afternoons on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday NoMoshing streams development of Harem Collector on the official Bad Kitty Games account. Such streams occur without voice and are just about getting as much work done as possible, you just get to watch.

Twice monthly NoMoshing runs a backer-only devstream, usually taking the form of NoMoshing doing some element of game design with fan feedback for 1 1/2 hours, followed by a less structured Q&A period for 1/2 hour. As often as possible they will be Saturday afternoons, and for now they run from 4-6pm EST (EDT from March to November), though there are occasional changes. Check the event schedule for more details.

Q: What is the plan for the next project? Or the sequel to Harem Collector? What about Norn's Well? Or Sangreal? Or Dungeon Assault: No Mercy Edition?

As of right now, the next project for Bad Kitty Games is I Live To Serve, Dunegon King!!. Also, all other sub-projects have been shelved by NoMoshing in order to focus full-time on Harem Collector while spending evenings and weekends focused on his family and personal obligations.

Despite the Sequelitis blog post, almost all plans for Harem Collector games following an immediate sequel are trashed. While Harem Collector 3+ may be a reality in the future, there is little point in planning around them now.

Harem Collector 2 does have some preproduction done on it. There is a partial character list, with several new harem girls at least somewhat confirmed, plus an outline of the plot, gameplay, and character growth mechanics. It will take place almost entirely within Kellos, featuring Emperor Kell XVI as the primary antagonist. All the harem girls will be featured in some capacity- all current party members will appear again and there will be a minimum of one scene with each non-party harem girl, plus one non-party harem girl will become a fully fledged party member. Kevin, Felix, Ser Brigandine, Evanie, Fiona the Gravedigger, Barst the Lionhearted, Brandt and Lola the Axe will appear in some capacity. Two party members will gain alternate class they can switch to, like Hero's Phantom Knight class.

NoMoshing has kept his pre-production notes for Norn's Well, a hentai RPG using mechanics cribbed from the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series (although it's not a true porn parody). It's a strong possibility that Norn's Well will show up in the future.

As of April 2019, Sangreal, Dungeon Assault, and Ether Count are fully abandoned. They will no longer be distributed by Bad Kitty Games.

Project: Apple Slices was a game proposal NoMoshing was preparing for a certain hentai browser game platform that invited him to pitch something, but NoMoshing decided he didn't like microtransaction game design and abandoned the idea.

Harem Collector

Q: Why is this game so hard?

A: It is Bad Kitty Games' policy to make games that integrate pornography rather than attaching gameplay to pornography. Thus, Harem Collector pulls no punches. However, here are a few things that you can expect from Harem Collector's gameplay that are different from other games:
  • The Hero is a support character rather than a main damage dealer and front line fighter. You will want to recruit other characters ASAP.
  • Felix eventually becomes weaker than other characters with healing abilities over time. Expect to eventually swap him for another primary healer.
  • The investment system is extremely important for keeping up with equipment upgrades and items. Invest your money wisely and often.
  • Don't forget to sell your vendor trash. Non-human enemies drop vendor trash rather than giving you money outright.
  • If you're still having cash flow problems, consider only buying four sets of best-tier equipment and swapping between party members.
  • The game takes a "toolset" approach to party members. If your desired team isn't working, consider trying a different set-up of party members.
  • While many items in the game have drawbacks, they are also capable of being tools for you to use to your advantage. Experiment with different items to find what works for you.
  • Enemies usually have weaknesses, and knowledge of those weaknesses are usually obtainable through play. Read books, pay attention to lore, and talk to NPCs for hints on how to proceed.
  • Save frequently, and keep multiple saves in case you need to change a previous decision that you made.
  • In general, explore and don't be afraid to experiment!

Q: I find some of the game's content to be objectionable! Can you offer an option to remove certain characters or sex scenes?

While Harem Collector is designed with a certain demographic in mind, it is also designed to appeal to many other tastes and fetishes. If you don't like non-consent, Harem Collector probably isn't for you, but other things such as gangbangs, incest, female-on-male dubcon, sexualized torture, drugging certain characters, and the like are usually skippable and make up a minority of content. There is a fairly wide variety of hentai content in the game, and you're welcome to enjoys what you can and skip through or ignore the rest.

Q: I have a suggestion for things to do in HC! How can I share my ideas with you?

A: NoMoshing is not actively soliciting suggestions for Harem Collector. "Feature creep" on the game has gotten out of hand, so new content going forward has to be fairly tightly controlled. Suggestions for new characters, quests, plot arcs, and the like will be rejected outright.

There are exceptions to this. The twice-monthly Devstreams usually involve NoMoshing collecting ideas and feedback in some way, just not in the form of new content. NoMoshing does appreciate receiving feedback and criticism about what parts of the game need work, and relies on fan feedback to determine were to focus his effort.

I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!!

Q: I have a suggestion for things to do in ILTSDK! How can I share my ideas with you?

A: Yes! We're actually at a point in ILTSDK's development where suggestions are welcome, and you're free to do so in the relevant part of the forum!