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[Blog] The Epic Conclusion

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  • [Blog] The Epic Conclusion

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    He attac
    He Protec
    But most importantly
    He heroic Seriously though that sex scene looks sweet... Why couldn't sacb0y do that for the larelle ones

    P.s. I don't know who jingzy is but should I feel bad for him/her, I mean for your computer to break right then, if it was me I'd have a nervous breakdown


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      Jingzy should learn from this and make backups on the cloud or something. This kind of problem is rare, but the consequences are big enough to warrant some preparations. Maybe it could be considered a black swan event?


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        Originally posted by NoMoshing View Post
        You know if you fired SacB0y you could say

        You got sacked :P


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          So if you ever happen to want to write contracts about these things later - recommended - I am a lawyer and can look them over for you in lieu of patron advancement ...