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Day Thirty: Brigandine vs Kyrie

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  • Day Thirty: Brigandine vs Kyrie

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    The poll is expired.

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    Ah darn it, I just voted for Brig by accident. I'm pretty sure. Is there any way to change my vote? Or double check who I voted for?

    Yeah, I checked the box... crap. My bad.

    You know, this is what I get for trying to stay up and vote early for once.
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    • Omnibomb
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      Hey since you declared you misvoted before the poll ended, We will honor that in the final results. Just wanted to let you know

    • HorseHater
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      Thank you so much! That ties is up, which is great.

      I'm sorry to everyone else, for making you have to mentally subtract one from Brig and add it to Kyrie

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    Ohhh boy, here we go. I've hinted a few times about how interested in and her story I am. She's in fact my second favorite, I know she's a NPC and all but something about her is really captivating.

    Although, my vote goes for . She's my waifu after all and also, at least for me, I feel like is kinda off story-wise. Definitely wouldn't mind more content of her but I see her as just an interesting side character (in this game that is, I'm sure that will change in sequels).


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      Now that the vote thing is sorted out... (thanks again)

      This is a very easy choice for Kyrie for me. I like Brig, but she's not in the harem yet, and I've been waiting for Kyrie's LQ and the resolution of her relationship to the Hero for much longer.


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        The 20th match for each of these titans of Iron Waifu who have just not been able to reach the peak, and the first time they face off. People will vote how they will, so I'm just going to list what I'm most curious about for the upcoming content for both:

        : That Love Quest. Princess Bride was very satisfying, but just left me wanting even more of the stacked sorceress. It's been said on multiple occasions that love quests are meant to be post-game content. Any Kyrie more than anyone would benefit from having hers locked behind a storyline quest. "Not every girl who's in love with you is a hyper-emotional teenager," is a fantastic line, but doesn't make a lot of sense if you've already done a "Love Quest" for the character giving that freudian slip. I don't really think the love quest should be about finding Kyrie's parents, necessarily (that's a better jumping off point for sequels, as we know they'll involve travelling to countries the Ellison's may have been sold to) but the wealth of themes that be can incorporated is better those cards on the table. I feel similar for Raina and Bronwyn.

        : Why are you in the Middle Kingdom? Personal duelist to the King, famous adventurer, governor of a city, all before RPG-old age of 35 (I assume). Yet we find her in another country, offering sword lessons to posh nobles and sketchy adventurers. Most harem girls come with issues that make up their story arc, from recruitment to love quest, fitting the whole "finding a weird, fucked up family where everyone ends up in a better place" theme of HC. So I think it would be very interesting if the seemingly untouchable badass made some big mistake back in Inferireux and took an early retirement, and joining the party and harem will be her getting "back in the game."


        • Cazador
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          Wait, Kyrie's name is Ellison? I wasn't expecting this kind of pun. o:

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        Gonna vote for Kyrie, she's worked hard to restore trust and I'm looking forward to her redesign and more sex with her. She fits in the harem really well, and having a brainy girl who's not stuck up about it is just great.


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          Let's see how things go.


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            All I'm gonna say is that NM is getting a cosplayer to dress like the winner of IW. Kyrie shows plenty of cleavage! Brig does not. The choice here is clear~


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              , you're the last survivor of my top 3. My hat's off to you. Just keep yours on.


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                I'm supporting to the end.


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                  Currently all tied up with HorseHater vote being switched at the end. I am still all in for . She deserves her LQ just for sticking around when she didn't have to, when her parents were the stick to keep her in line. has just been a money sink so far so I can't see the attraction there. Let's get the party members done before adding new ones.


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                    I'll be happy to never have to see Brig again.


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                      Nekochan regrets that she is far too tired tonight to cast her tiebreaking vote in person, however, she had informed me earlier this evening that, between Brigandine and Kyrie, she would vote Kyrie.

                      Kyrie, the Burning Blizzard, will be advancing to the finals!
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                        Conspiracy theory:

                        Step 1: Vote for Kyrie
                        Step 2: Say you meant to vote for Kyrie, but hit Brig.
                        Step 3: Profit! Net of 3 vote for Kyrie. Lose popular vote, win election.

                        Rest well Brigandine


                        • 2095conash
                          2095conash commented
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                          Votes are public, we're able to verify who voted for who and that's how the user in question knew they misvoted. When they originally posted their comment they were not sure.

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                        Just a joke, I love both those characters and I'm happy either way. I'm on team all the way any way.
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