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Day Twenty-Six: Brigandine vs Meline!

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  • Day Twenty-Six: Brigandine vs Meline!

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    Just a head's up concerning the situation with Meline's prizing- in place of her double blowjob scene with Larelle, instead as part of her prize we will do the foursome with her, Yeon and Therese. And in place of her introductory sex scene, we will be adding Calluna the slime girl's bakery investment, side quest and sex scene. Sorry for any confusion or concern this may have caused.

    The poll is expired.

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    is the only unrecruitable party member. And she lacks everything while promising much. already have a lot. I'm voting rewards on this one.
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      Come on, everybody! Let's make this the year Meline finally gets the win she deserves! I know Brigandine has a lot of hype in this competition, but Meline is simply the most wonderful Waifu this game has to offer. Meline has proven that she will choose the hero over a direct order from a capital A Angel (and lets not forget, in this setting, the Angels are revered as gods). She will literally go against the mandate of heaven for the sake of her beloved brother.

      This year, Meline has finally been given a prize pool that can measure up against other contestants. For once, the dreaded spectre of prize apathy does not weigh as heavily on her as before. Let's not waste this opportunity. Let's make this year the year Meline finally get crowned the Iron Waifu!

      GO MELINE!


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        It's a 25 25 tie right now! Go Brig or go home! And remember, home is where your sister lives.


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          Barely any character can match the potential of Ser Brigandine de Mont-Fleur.
          Lore wise with her western background and the Dwarves, it basically allows us to take a peek at the larger world.
          Her circumstances are entirely unexplored and we really could get anything from her recruitment and love Quest.
          Like why did she quit and go to Middle Kingdom? She had climbed the letter of the world further than anyone in the harem, including the hero.

          She actually has the chance to become a top 5 girl.
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            NGL, the acceleration, and the side effect of getting more , first time 2D , and bonus slimegirl sex, bumps up a lot for me. I also just have trouble voting for a character when the creator has expressed genuine anxiety about her winning. Wish or were here so I could have something more insightful to comment.


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              I'm going with here, no matter what.


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                is a , would collar again. Plus as one of the oldest members of the harem she deserves to be the Iron Wiafu for once. Though there have been others who i felt the same way about that didn't even make it to the second round. not to mention now that Raina has been knocked out i only have 2 others who i want to see win. which are and . But the fact that we get Calluna sex + investments and i seem to love being a the biggest investor in the kingdom, that reward is right down my alley.