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Day Twenty-Two: Brigandine vs Bronwyn

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  • Day Twenty-Two: Brigandine vs Bronwyn

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    The poll is expired.

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    Its a shorter list than ever, but remains one of the harem girls I'm more interested in than Brig's recruitment. As the Save the Elves questline ramps up, I'm looking foward to cracking through her shell and winning her over. I also enjoy using her in my party, as her trick arrows are fun and useful.

    Hot Elf Cosplay sounds pretty rad, as does a non-human Harem girl sextravaganza with and . Not sure if she's got enough votes in her quiver to take down the Badass of Bateau-Assassinat, but she's got mine.


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      Go brig or go home


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        My thoughts on this were made pretty clear in my big topic. Bronwyn is easily deserving of the IW crown, while it's not yet time for Brig to take the stage. So it's an easy vote for me.


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          is the only party member who isn't recruitable yet, is interesting and charismatic, with an adventurous past and a confident attitude, etc.

          Plus I don't like how 's personality is basically 'being a total bitch all the time for no reason whatsoever'. I get it, she's a parody of elven archetypes, but these aren't pleasant archetypes to begin with.


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            for me. 's got a one point lead. Hope it's a fight to the end. I like quite a bit but I strongly want to win. As of right now my top 3 , , are all still in the running. Yet, I don't expect this to be true this time tomorrow.

            I get the haughty elf parody as she's definitely caustic and more "dismissive" than snarky, but the sharpness is mostly directed at . In her banters with , , and she comes out of her shell and still remains a little alien. (Her banter with is brutal but still engaging). Competence, no time for horseshit, cumsluttiness, and ability to open up - all attractive to me.

            Vote hottie elf. Went way to deep to get that pun out there and it's really weak. I shouldn't be proud of myself.


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              I'm going with Bron on this one. Don't get me wrong, I like Brig and all, but I never really understood the sheer level of hype she's getting...


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                Go Brig or go home (2)


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                  Go, !


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                    Taking Brig home!