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Day Nineteen: Chimei vs Yeon

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  • Day Nineteen: Chimei vs Yeon

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    It's Day Nineteen for Iron Waifu! We're getting through Round Two in a hurry! Today's it's the priestess who couldn't wait to get rid of her virginity versus the school idol who needed a spanking to fall in line! Who will you choose?

    The poll is expired.

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    This is definitely the closest match on the bracket for me. I really like both characters, and I think gets knocked a bit too much for the language barrier thing. I like the party banters she has, with context enough to tell some fun stories even if you don't want to look up translations.

    I also like 's duality. The insecurity and hidden geekiness pushes her above the other haughty characters who I generally have on the lower half of my harem ranks. She gets the vote today in this year's first battle of party members.


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      This one's close, but not as close as / was for me. Voted for , because I love to dislike her. It's tied now though, hope it's a fight to the end. I just like the close matches best.


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        I've already made my case for . She's got a cool chill scene with her dad, she's a secret nerd, she may not know how to interract with the maids but since she later joins them willingly it's not out of a desire to bully them...


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          The fact that I can actually understand Chimei's moon language banter is probably a big part of why I like her more than most people seem too. And while Yeon has her good points, I'm not a fan of bullies, and the 'school idol' archetype and the 'idol brought low' tropes don't really do anything for me, so... Voting Chimei here.


          • Cazador
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            To be honest, understanding her moonspeak doesn't add much that can't be deduced from context. She's a bit bland outside of her gimmick. :/

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          I don't really care either way, so today I'm voting based on cup size alone. Thus gets my vote.

          ETA: And I broke the tie. Yay?


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            Tough one. Yeon gets the edge though; I like the good ol' schoolgirl archetypes and her prize of a scene involving Therese and Meline should be pretty great. I can't see Yeon being into it (and I certainly can't see Therese wanting a 4some), and reluctant lesbians are a favorite fetish of mine.


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              I actually like Yeon a surprising amount, so I would go with her even if we didn't already have Chimeis LQ.


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                Voted for Yeon.
                Rumours and arguments have been made all over the forum on why it is a good choice to vote for her.


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                  I feel like with the amount of active communication we have from the devs, people going in on "rumors" for HC is kinda silly.

                  Voted for Chimei since I like her more, but this match is fine either way.


                  • Cazador
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                    The "rumors" aren't to be taken too seriously, it's Felli goofing around