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Iron Waifu Day Twelve: Meiriona vs Bell

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  • Iron Waifu Day Twelve: Meiriona vs Bell

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    It's day twelve, and it's time for a real showdown! Elf village leader Meiriona is going head to head against Bell, the trophy demon that tempted Guildmaster Xaven into becoming a villain! Will the Golden Lion triumph or the insidious Bane cast her aside?

    The poll is expired.

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    Haha it's potential waifu vs literally gives no rewards upon love heart up, I wonder who I will go for (but seriously I worry about releasing bell into the harem)


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      Interesting pairing. Love s redesign, and she's a wholly unique member of the Harem. Interested to see where her story goes from here, but "taming the Demon" has a lot of potential. on the other hand is still in the before stages of her design, and will likely benefit just as much as Bell did from being given a unique touch from Nekochan. Save the Elves is ramping up to climax, and its about time for Meiri to find out what ,, and a bunch of the elven village girls already know.

      Tough call, but going with Bell for the top notch design.


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        Gotta go with the hot Elf who was giving us girls to enslave, including her own daughter, faster then we could keep up with them. Her 'plan' was to get the hero to fuck literally every elf women in the village, including her. How can't you vote for her as iron waifu, who also tells Yama that she should obey her master and follow his orders? She's basically one of the best harem members before she even joins the harem, she's already doing half the work of making sure hero is surrounded by fuckable slave girls. Going above and beyond the call, even without a collar. I love it and want more of it.


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          is such a promising slut for reasons already stated, while feels like a one joke character.


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            Voted for because I love her design. Rewards-wise I favor and if she had her design, I'd wager I'd be sold on her. Plus filling out her story will probably bring the Elven shopkeeper into the fold faster. So, in conclusion, I won't mind losing this one.


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              Had to go with Meiriona. Bell has failed to wow me so far, and I'm still pissed at her about the Countess, while Meiriona has been incredibly helpful about putting the harem together, and seems to have a kinky side to her.


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                I love powerful veteran women like Meiriona, tbh. Especially ones who are in leadership positions and are honestly benevolent leaders who are doing their best, even if they....uh...kinda suck at it. <_<;

                The idea of her deciding to take the gamble of tying the future of her village to Hero's success is something I would do in a D&D game, and I hope NM understands what a compliment that is. She has so much potential and I want to see it.

                I also would LOVE to see her either as a temp or a PC in HC2 so we really get to find out what happens when she gets serious and opens up with those twin axes. ALSO her having a scene with Brig where they bond over being royal badass veterans and then fuck would be UNBELIEVABLY HOT.


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                  Playable Meiriona seems a lot of fun.