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Day Eleven: Nerys vs Elaiya

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  • Day Eleven: Nerys vs Elaiya

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    Welcome to day eleven of Iron Waifu! Today we see two of our more soft-spoken haremettes go head to head: Nerys, the druidic priestess turned house maid, and Elaiya, the waitress turned bounty hunter. Round Two is just around the corner... who's going to make it this time?

    The poll is expired.

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    Elaiya has been one of my faves since the beginning. I love her story, I like how she's a more serious character and still fits in just fine with the weirdos anyway. Her melodrama isn't Too Much either, imo.

    She's been called boring before, but...I don't feel every character needs some kind of Notable Quirk or classic Anime Personality(like the Tsundere Brigade). She has her traits. She's stubborn, the nickname "the relentless" is not for show. She's actively kind, without being preachy or going paladin about it. Also it's kind of rare for a gunslinger girl to be not bitchy or "too cool for being nice", not a ditz, and not a blatant sexpot. Usually any gungirl is one of things, in my experience.

    Elaiya's not flashy, but I think she's quietly one of the best characters in the game.


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      I'm does meets even have content she needs, I don't think one of her scenes doesn't already have art for it, I mean I don't care if her only prize is being an iron waifu as this whole tournaments about whose the best waifu but I know it'll throw a lot of people off if theres no reward to it


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        Elaiya is my #1, and Nerys is in my top 5. Would be fun to see / in round 2 with their scene together on the horizon. Elaiya doesn't need arcane power or years of training, just a pair of pistols and a boatload of determination. She geeks out, plays a good straight woman for banters and interactions with Hero, and I love the tomboy/shy-girl look.


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          is my number 1, going to ride her until the wheels come off.

          I really only keep a consistent top 3 , , and . Catch me on a good day, I could fill out a top 5, maybe push it for a top 10. The next day only my top 3 will still be in position.


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            Voted Elaiya, due to Nerys reward apathy.


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              I'm with the others here, Elaiya's a favorite. She doesn't really need much more content, besides a few things here and there, but she's a major part of what makes this game lovable and great. I remember in early playthroughs feeling like she was acting as my conscience as I learned the game, in a gentle and undemanding way. She gives it soul.

              She won't win this for content reasons, but she really does deserve to.


              • NoMoshing
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                Don't be so sure. As long as they make it to Round 2, we're making a big push this year to even up the content rewards for all harem girls.

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              I also share my sentiments with the others, particular with her being the favourite of mine.

              I'm currently playing through hard mode whilst always keeping her within the party whenever possible as a rather minor kind of challenge run.

              If she makes it to the next round though, I have a difficult decision up ahead, mostly for not being able to vote for Doll last year, which might of seen her ahead with the tie vote. I may owe her a favour...


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                Oh man, another though one...

                is one of my favorite girls for all the reasons everyone already mention: Not too crazy, always caring but though as nails when she has to be. I also love her LQ for setting up a great atmosphere and a fitting boss fight for her in the end.

                is easily my favorite non-party girl though. She was the first (if I recall correctly) who put a flip on the love quest by making her playable and what we know about her backstory keeps me interested. Also elf.

                I guess wins out, for nostalgic reasons since she was the first girl I ever recruited and I use her in every playthrough as much as I can.


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                  NoMoshing Don't be so sure. As long as they make it to Round 2, we're making a big push this year to even up the content rewards for all harem girls.

                  Well I'm waiting to see what rewards could possibly even up a love quest finished, la carte finished, most scene finished (or all for nerds) girl with other girls who have no love quest, no la carte and almost none of there scenes finished, heck some aren't even in the harem yet, my point is for some of the girls there going to have like 50 things if they win so evening them out seems to be a stretch without coming up with multiple quests dedicated to them (nerys maybe with elf's but eleiya has already gone through her arc) and have multiple scenes also dedicated to them which then players may complain your giving people with content even more content while others still in desperate need of there content

                  But if you can do it I'm honestly happy with it, it gives voting for old girls more weight and may not through off those who see zero reason too.


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                    Look guys it's nekochans drawing of what elayia may look in the next game :3
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                    • Redsliver
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                      With the goggles and the coat she looks like she needs an airship.