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Day Seven: Yeon vs Randi

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  • Day Seven: Yeon vs Randi

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    Sorry for the slightly late arrival this evening! Today's match up is between everyone's favourite school idol white mage and everyone's favourite blue-haired bibliophile masochist!

    The poll is expired.

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    Hmm who to vote for, I'm happy with my renfeld winning so I'm for either


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      I enjoyed the added content during the vacation. A fun take on the "pretend to be a couple" trope, given the already established master/slave relationship. I like Yeon, both for sass and vulnerability. She's probably my 4th favorite Tsundere (which really speaks to the depth of the position on the HC roster).


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        Toughest one to date. Gotta give the edge to Yeon based on hotness, and just because the way she abuses the maids makes for some really interesting intra-harem opportunities.


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          12 to 8? this is closer than I expected... The fact that and beat party members has already blown me away. Iron Waifu's awesome!

          I voted for . 's kinda blah for me. I'll probably like her more with more content. But I've liked since her recruitment scene where she gets into her ravishment the moment explains he has a huge mansion. And then smacking her around all the way home? Icing on the cake. I like the rich girl brought low trope too. I dislike her pushing around the maids though I enjoy wanting to stab her... You know, I don't mind if I'm wrong. I'd like to get revenge for how treats her.

          What would be really cool could be her 4th a la carte be which ever house you approach her in, that maid helps paddle her ass. But a la carte's 1 cg per scene, so I can't see ballooning her up to account for , , and . I don't even remember if she says anything about and she's not in the same room as . That's not even accounting for the recruitment logistics. Just because you have Westcastle, could still locked be in the other room or in Northmarket, may be unrecruited or manning the store.

          That's the problem with thinking things through. Kills your dreams. Assume you're right and go with it. Always.


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              Oh wiki tan doesn't have one >


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                Let's vote Yeon, because we all know she's awesome. Why? Because Yeon, that's why!


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                  Yeah that was easy for me, because Randi left me cold and Yeon is an interesting character.


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                    Again voting based on who in my opinion needs more content. In this case:


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                      My Waifu against my Unwaifu.

                      Sadly, but not unexpected, the Unwaifu is wining. Don't be sad Randi. The day your ass gets more spanking will come.