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    I'm maybe a little late, but her my favourites:

    She is just best girl. She is a total masochist but has a cheerful behaviour. How can someone not want give that ass another spanking.

    I want to see how her Story goes on. I kind of hope that there will be a Quest were she gets to save Hero and gain his trust back. Come on! It is time to parole her.

    Will she find her parents? I wanna know.


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      Originally posted by NoMoshing View Post

      What is Iron Waifu?
      Every May a single-elimination tournament plays out where fans of Harem Collector are invited to vote for which characters from the game they like best. The contest takes place over all of May, with the final match happening on May 31st. The character who wins gets a dedicated game update in their honour the following autumn, and gets boosted in the art completion order.

      How do I participate?
      Register for an account and vote every day!

      Wait a second! My favourite character isn't even on here!
      Therese, Alina, Quinta and Larelle are all previous winners of Iron Waifu and have already received dedicated updates.
      If another girl is your favourite... apologies to all the genie fans out there.

      Round One
      May 1st- Eulania vs Penelope
      May 2nd- Doralice vs Meline
      May 3rd- Clementine vs Chimei
      May 4th- Pandora vs Natya
      May 5th- Miri vs Diadira
      May 6th- Renfeld vs Gargan
      May 7th- Yeon vs Randi
      May 8th- Evanie vs Kyrie
      May 9th- Yamamaya vs Lyra
      May 10th- Serade vs Brigandine
      May 11th- Nerys vs Elaiya
      May 12th- Meiriona vs Bell
      May 13th- Jonagold vs Lilac
      May 14th- Bronwyn vs Ino
      May 15th- Doll vs Violet
      May 16th- Florine vs Raina

      Most Daily Votes: Meline (48)
      Least Daily Votes: Doralice (17)
      Top Voted Party Member: Meline (48)
      Top Voted Non-Party Harem Girl: Eulania (39)
      Top Voted Non-Harem Character: Doralice (17)
      Highest Voted Elimination: Gargan (32)
      Lowest Voted Victory: Miri (32)
      Most Votes Cast: Day 6 (68)
      Total Votes Cast: 444

      Round One Most Daily Votes: Meline (48)
      Round One Least Daily Votes: Doralice (17)
      Round One Top Voted Party Member: Meline (48)
      Round One Top Voted Non-Party Harem Girl: Eulania (39)
      Round One Top Voted Non-Harem Character: Doralice (17)
      Round One Highest Voted Elimination: Gargan (32)
      Round One Lowest Voted Victory: Miri (32)
      Round One Most Votes Cast: Day 8 (68)
      Wait when I clicked on round 8 it only said 47 votes had been cast not 68?, Nomoshing I think your looking at the old iron waifu, day 6 has the most votes with 70
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        Round 1 Extra Stats:

        Party Members 9-3
        Maids 3-2
        Shopkeepers 1-3
        Alchemists 0-2
        Other Non-Party Harem Girls 2-3
        Non Harem Girls 0-3

        We'll have at least 1, and as many as 5 new quarterfinalists this year. Q3 is guaranteed to give us a new Semifinalist, and both former finalists are on the right side of the bracket so we'll get a new finalist as well.


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          Through Round 2:

          Party Members 14-7
          Maids 5-4
          Shopkeepers 1-4
          Alchemists 0-2
          Other Non-Harem Girls 4-3
          Non Harem Girls 0-3

          The Semifinals will feature at least 2 new competitors, as the entire left side of the bracket has not reached that peak. The right side could be two former finalists squaring off in Kyrie/Brig, or a completely new final four if Meline and Meiriona can topple the perennial contenders.

          There's also the possibility that 3 out of the 4 seminfinalists will have no sex scene art in game (with Eulania having a text only scene and Brig/Meiriona having no art at all). On the opposite side of prize apathy, Meline and Elaiya could become the first entrants since Yamamaya in the inaugural 2016 tourney to reach the semis despite having a completed love quest.


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            Anyone working on the final statistics? Things seemed to break down after semifinal victory.


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