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    Hi! While looking for some nonsense on the net, I came across an interesting program. Namely Translator++.

    This revolutionary program allows you to easily translate even a game as rich in content as our favorite HC. After loading games from RPG maker into it, a simple list of all text lines in the game is created, divided into files in which they are located, along with indication of how many % of the file has already been translated.

    Although the translation process itself will not take 5 minutes, in my opinion it is definitely a useful program for people who would like to try their hand at translating the game into another language.

    Link to the author of the program and link to download:

    WARNING: HC is such a large game that it may take up to 5 minutes to load it into the program!

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    I've already tried it, I found it not especially easy to use. I mean, it's not *hard* to use, but I don't get much from using it compared to just opening the editor and translating everything there. So, meh.

    Context: I've translated SFW rpgm games under another username, and I plan to translate HC when it’s complete.


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      Will that tool also reformat the text? does it change the text or just extract it?


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        As far as I know, it just extracts.


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          it extracts the games text into the program where you can batch machine translate (sometimes awkward witho how google translate/bing/w.e) and/or manualy translate it then export that data for use. so its a tool to create translations its handy but your results may very.
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            Not as awkward as I thought it would be, might use it to keep track of thing