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  • ThatDerp1
    I'm not sure if number 3 works, I can't remember, but the first two were great and felt in character. I'm definitely hyped to see what you make next!

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  • moonblack
    started a topic Moonblack's Mods

    Moonblack's Mods

    A few small mods that I made as tests to see how modding HC actually works. Here are the results:
    1) A small edit to Penelope's Love Quest - one of the hallucinations is now slightly more interactive
    2) A small edit to the Cloister - will not work if you already visisted the Cloister and opened the chests
    3) The three largest investments - Orange Kid, the Accessories Store in Northmarket, and Candy co - will now allow Hero to pay with money from the bank, if he does not have enough cash. In other words:
    - enough cash - same as before, no change
    - cash not enough, but cash + money in bank is enough - takes all cash and takes the rest from the bank balance
    - cash + money in the bank is not enough - same as before

    Please report any bugs or typos you find.