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  • Neopolitan

    Neo is in the game as a party member and giftable girl with relationship rewards and all (although they aren't completed yet)
    You can find the recruitment encounter along this path:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Udklip.PNG Views:	40 Size:	296.5 KB ID:	3117

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    Story Information
    Hero met this girl while he was wandering around northern middle kingdom where she decided to just follow him, and hero being hero let her follow.

    Other than that not much is know about this girl, but she seems to use a sort of magic not seen in this world before. And has a weird knack for overdesigning umbrellas

    • Level 1:
      • Illusions: 8 Mana. Target 1 enemy. Will confuse the target into attacking himself or his allies. Damage has a 50% chance of curing the confusion. Lasts 2 - 4 turns
    • Level 7:
      • Mindblast: 8 Mana. Target Enemy. Will use some of the Enemy's own Magic against it
    • Level 12:
      • Reversal: 5 Momentum. Target Enemy. Will use some of the Enemy's own Attack against it
    • Level 15:
      • Cloak: 12 Mana. Target all allies. Increases Magic Evasion and Evasion by 30%, increases Magic and Attack by 15%
    • Level 21:
      • Umbrella Defense: 12 Momentum. Target Self. Increase Counterattack rate, Magic reflection Rate and Certain Hit evasion by 52%
    From Equipment:
    • Neo Hat:
      • Nightmare: 20 Mana and Momentum. Target all enemies. Will use some of the enemies Magic against themselves. 100% chance of inflicting Nightmare (7% DoT effect. Takes 20% more damage for 3 turns)
    From Unity Force:
    • Bait and Switch: 5 Momentum. Uses cloak, then follows up with a hit from both Hero and Neo. Each hit has a 33% chance of inflicting Stun, Staggered and/or Bleed.
    Weapon: Umbrellas
    • Starting - Umbrella: Attack: 15, Defense and Resist: 5, Counterattack rate: 2%
    • Reinforced Umbrella: Attack: 25, Defense and Resist: 7, Counterattack rate: 2%, Magic reflect rate: 1%
    • Utility Umbrella: Attack: 35, Defense and Resist: 11, Counterattack rate: 3%, Magic reflect rate: 2%
    • Blade Umbrella: Attack: 45, Defense and Resist: 17, Counterattack rate: 5%, Magic reflect rate: 3%
    • Neo Umbrella: Attack: 65, Defense and Resist: 26, Agility and luck: 5, Counterattack rate: 8%, Magic reflect rate: 5%
    Off hand:
    • Starting - None
    • Neo Gloves: Increase healing recieved by 50%. Attack, Defense, Magic and Resist + 2
    • Neo Mittens: Increase healing recieved by 50%, Chance to inflict Coldsnap on attack + 5%. Attack, Defense, Magic and Resist + 4
    • Starting - Bowler Hat
    • Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Magic Armour and Light Armour
    • Neo Hat: Defense: 27, Resist: 14, Agility and Luck: 5. Hit Rate +5. Atk state: Burned and Chilled 10%, Crit rate + 10%. Unlock skill: Nightmare. Neo will start the fight in Umbrella Stance if learned
    • Starting - Adventurer's Garb
    • Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Magic Armour and Light Armour
    • Neo Suit: Defense: 36, Resist: 20, Agility: 10. Resist: Stun, Paralysis and knockdown: 20%. Counter and Magic Reflection + 10%. Takes 10% less damage
    • Starting - Empty
    • Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Magic Armour, Light Armour and Universal
    • Vanilla Cane: +5 momentum each turn, Magic cost reduced by 30% and all stats increased by 2
    • Strawberry Cane: Threat increased by 300% and all stats increased by 2
    • Chocolate Cane: Crit rate increased by 30% and all stats increased by 2
    • Neo Cane: 50% chance of another action and all stats increased by 2
    A set bonus will be applied if Neo wears her Neo umbrella, Neo Hat, Neo Suit, Neo Gloves and one of her canes
    +6% threat (Puts her at a base 100% again)
    +1% Momentum regen
    -5% Mana cost
    +5% Crit Rate
    +10% chance of another action
    • +4: Box of Chocolate
    • -2: Clockwork Amusement and Shiny Bits
    Personal Happiness
    • You will now be able to have a tea party with her on the vacation that gives her +2 personal happiness
    • You can start a small minigame quest by talking to her when she is on 30 affection (About halfway through her starting heart) that can give her +1/2 personal happiness depending on how well you do
    • Initial relationship
    • A quest to improve her Umbrella
    • Vanilla Cane(Missable)
    • A quest to improve her Reinforced Umbrella
    • Strawberry Cane(Missable)
    • A quest to improve her Utility Umbrella
    • Chocolate Cane(Missable)
    • A quest to improve her Blade Umbrella
    • Neo Cane(Missable)
    Hidden Stats
    • Has a natural 10% resistance to the 'pinned' status effect
    • Has a natural 95% hit chance
    • Has a natural 95% threat
    • Has a natural +5% evasion chance
    • Has a natural +5% critical chance
    Bonus Quests
    Winter Wonderland:
    You will be able to start this quest by talking to Neopolitan after having finished her RQ. The rewards you will get at the end of the quest will be based on how you do that quest. But the possibilities are:
    • Candied Apple: Magic accessory: Magic +25, Resist and Luck +10. Evasion +5%, magic regen +5%. immunity to Deafened, Censured, Mana Shock, Mana Drain and Burned
    • Mistletoe: Heave accesory: Defense + 12, Luck +10, Resist +6. Threat +20%, Momentum Regen +1
    • Christmas Present: Light accessory: Agility +12, Luck +10, Attack +6. Hit +10%, Evasion +10%, momentum regen +4
    • Permanent +100 luck buff for everyone
    • Neo Mittens: Look at Neo's equipment for a run down
    Big thanks to PandaMaru for the christmas themed sprites, battler, tilesets and other graphics. Here's a link to her forum

    Southport Tea party
    Talk with Neo once you have 30 affection

    Quinta will now draw a Neo portrait
    Neopolitan portrait:
    • Love: Alina, Chimei, Natya, Quinta, Neopolitan
    • Like:
      • Lady Statue
      • Aloe Vera
      • Begonia
      • Bonsai
      • Cactus
      • Draceana
      • Monstera Deliciosa
      • Palm Tree
      • Schefflera
      • Landscape Painting
    • Love:
      • Piano
      • Dill Memorial
      • Dux Classic
      • Blevins Cup
      • Torre-Bartel Cup
      • Quinta Portrait
      • Natya Portrait
      • Chimei Portrait
      • Alina Portrait (Once it's in)
    • Hate:
      • Dragon Head
    • Northmarket Manor:
      • Front Hall
      • East Wing- 2F
        • Hallway and Bathroom
      • East Wing- 1F
        • Hallway and Dining Room
      • West Wing- 2F
        • Hallway
        • Tavern: Love room
    • Eastfort Condo
      • Eastfort Condo first floor
        • Foyer and Kitchen
        • Dining Area: Love room
    • Elf Shrine
      • Central Hall
      • Dining Room: Love room
    • Southport Manor
      • Southport "Manor"
      • True Southport Manor
        • Entrance
      • Slave Quarters
        • Hallway
      • Slave Quarters continued
        • Hallway
        • Chair area: Love room
    • Westcastle Manor
      • Manor Interior- 1F
        • Foyer and Kitchen
        • Dining Room: Love room
      • Manor Interior- 2F
        • Main Hall, Left and top hallway
    Install instructions:
    1. Unzip this file into your /HaremCollector_vxxx folder
    2. Play the game and enjoy the mod
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    It's great that you did this mod. Even tho I don't plan to use it, it's pretty cool for modders to have something to look at in order to do something similar.


    • RomeoPapa
      RomeoPapa commented
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      I do plan to update the advanced modding page with a lot of the tricks I used here. But this week is crazy busy so it might take me a while

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    When I try talk whit her in mansion:
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    • moonblack
      moonblack commented
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      The mod works ONLY with version 0.48.x. It will not work with previous versions of the game. I had the same error when I tried it with version 0.47.6, but after updating to 0.48.3 it worked fine.

    • RomeoPapa
      RomeoPapa commented
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      What moonblack said. Infact to be precise 0.48.3+

  • #4
    I just realized I was a dum dum and conflicted with one of my own mods of all things >.>
    Should be fixed in v2 along with giving me some extra breathing room to avoid conflicting with base game


    • #5
      v3 changelog
      Changed her from love to respect. Sort of
      Possible bug fixes, not sure if they would have been bugs or not, but atleast a more efficient script


      • #6
        v4 changelog
        Fixed crashes when using the new Harem chats feature
        Fixed crashes on victory barks
        Fixed Neo dodging items used on her and healing/buffs on her


        • #7
          Added victory barks and level up barks for Neo
          Added the first quest: Plain as Vanilla
          Minor bug fixes


          • #8
            Added her second quest: Sweet as Strawberry
            Bug fixes, bug fixes. Can never have too many bugs huh?


            • #9
              How soon can you get her or is she random?


              • RomeoPapa
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                You can get her on day 1, just walk along that dirt path

            • #10
              Ok thank you for adding her she's amazing.i a big fan of the rwby series myself.Is she the only character from that series that your doing?


              • RomeoPapa
                RomeoPapa commented
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                Yes it will only be Neo, I added her because I'm a huge fan of her, some people here might call me obsessed

                The next update to the mod will have her third relationship quest, plus some revised skills and rebalanced stats

            • #11
              I see.well thanks anyway.Say for both of her first two quests are both the chests doable?
              Last edited by LightningGear; 11-02-2020, 09:44 AM.


              • RomeoPapa
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                No they aren't

            • #12
              No wonder I couldn't get them.Also her sprite is missing during the manor invasion quest,when you take her to didi concert,when you captured by the werewolves in huntervile and I don't even know where to look for her on vacation island


              • RomeoPapa
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                They aren't missing, I just haven't added that functionality because it's a huge amount of work

            • #13
              Oh I sorry.I guess that would be asking for too much.But I have to admit tried out a few of your mods and I am impressed by how good their are.good job.I can't wait to see what you have planned for later updates


              • #14
                Will she get sex scenes or is that too much work?


                • RomeoPapa
                  RomeoPapa commented
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                  She will not. Although that's not about it being too much work, I just don't want to give her one.

                  Also to clarify about your earlier question, I do intend to implement her sprite elsewhere in the game, it's just not high on my priority list

              • #15
                Oh so a lot of the stuff is when you're feeling up for it?


                • RomeoPapa
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                  Yes. I do have obligations I need to attend to, modding is just something I do in my spare time, and I work on all my other mods too in order to improve or expand upon them, aswell as entirely new mods.
                  So right now my priority for this one is getting all the missing content added instead of making hasty edits to events and risk causing bugs I'll have to fix later