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    Important stuff first than additional stuff later?


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      Important stuff can wait! Feature creep now!


      • RomeoPapa
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        Feature creep sucks

      • Cazador
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        I now want a fellatio scene with that Feature Creep person :c

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      Well she is sexy and cute


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        Originally posted by Cazador View Post
        Important stuff can wait! Feature creep now!
        Who is that?


        • RomeoPapa
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          It's just Caz making jokes. Feature creep is the act of continuing to expand and add features during development, that was not originally planned

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        Oh I see.Well yeah you could do more with the mod but I don't want to bother you with too much stuff.While it would be nice to have more of neo what's the point if you don't want to do it?


        • RomeoPapa
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          It's not so much that I don't want to, but whenever you create something you have to manage your feature creep, if you don't you end up with a bunch of unfinished features.
          So while you may have ideas, it's not that I'm uninterested in them it's that I am already working on something else and is not ready to focus on additional content yet. For example in every one of her quest I'm creating new game mechanics via scripting to make the puzzles work
          Also I suggest joining the Discord server if you wanna be able to talk more in-depth, I am a lot more active and have an easier time explaining myself over there, the BKG server even have a channel dedicated for modding talks
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        I can't seem to find the discord server link


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        Third Relationship Quest
        All skills have been moved into one skill type
        A new custom skill type: Semblance
        You can now start collecting armour pieces for her ultimate armour (Currently only 3/5)
        Her stats have been slightly rebalanced
        Some of her skills have been revamped
        Gloves renamed to cane (If you know you know)
        Her ultimate armour is technically in the files but unobtainable
        A armour set bonus is once again in the files but also unobtainable


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          Respect Quest added
          The last 2 fragments for her ultimate armour
          an off-hand equipment for her
          An alt sprite that will be unlocked when you get her ultimate armour

          A bug

          Fixed a bug with the set bonus
          Fixed a bug where Neo wasn't removed from the party
          Made the huge puzzle in the chocolate dungeon optional, for a decent cash payout (Get the chests that would be empty unless you finish the huge puzzle)
          Some hints for the enemy riddle and the pathing riddle in the final stretch of the dungeon has been made clearer.
          A hint for the gloves have been added

          Another save point was added (you can't miss it)
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            The current public release 48.5 have just been repackeged with bug fixes and now mod support this repackage is needed to prevent crashing or version 49.0+ when that is available

            Various bug fixes
            A new christmas themed bonus quest, with some nice rewards
            A vacation event
            A small minigame quest
            A new portrait
            Added to the furniture system
            She now have the "How are you" chat option
            She has been more fully implemented into the main game so that she will show up where apropriate for example she will be seen during Virgin Gynocide instead of an empty space/Replaced by Yeon


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              Fixed NG+
              Fixed repeatable Winter Wonderland
              2 new combat barks

              Removed too many Ice Cream Fabric
              Added her to the guild ceremonies
              A personalized trap during Can't Handle It Cove (Not using Yeon's anymore)
              Glove nil fix
              Fixed Southport tea party not properly unrequiring Neo
              Neo avoiding *Redacted*s final attack
              *Redacted* now have a boss bark too
              A little extra goofy dialogue hidden somewhere, see if you can find it

              Fixed Southport Tea party hardlocking you if you finish it by dropping all the crates
              "How are you" Where are dialogue would show for the other girls are now fixed

              Neo losing her weapon is now fixed
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                Final update (Aside from bugs and minor graphic updates and putting Neo into base game event where appropriate as the game develops)

                This version requires 49.2+

                Harem Chats: All the girls will now have something to say about Neo (thanks to SO5Z for basically writing everything)
                An achievement for reaching 120 affection with her
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                  Some custom icons for her gear
                  She will now be in the bar during Kyrie's LQ if you have her in the party
                  Fixed Neo not starting with her weapon
                  Fixed a wrong entry in her relationship data


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                    This is probably not a bug, but Neopolitan is missing in the Diadira recruiting quest


                    • Kris666
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                      Maybe it depends on place she were in the party?
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                    • Kris666
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                      And Adventure Guild Rang up party

                    • RomeoPapa
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                      All of these should be fixed now, feel free to let me know if you come across other instances

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                    Fixed Neo not showing up during "All's Were That ends Were", "The Virgin Gynocides" and The guild Rank Ceremonies (Probably caught a few other quests in the process as an extension of what I did to make it work)
                    Added her to Didi's Concert


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                      Found two bugs,

                      First, the trap in Can't Handle it Cove won't disappear, stopping progress.
                      Second, the encyclopedia crashes for some reason.


                      • RomeoPapa
                        RomeoPapa commented
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                        v10.3 fixed the cove bug. However I can't find the reason for the encyclopedia bug, heck I can't even replicate the bug myself as everything works on my end, so I'm gonna need the error message it gives whenever it crashes in order to help you