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  • Bomb Shop mod

    Bomb Shop is a mod that adds a location where you can buy battle items for the game as the selection is rather limited shop wise.
    This was inspired during my HC Grandprix runs of 2020 where I chose to use the amazing old man and his bombs to achive my time the game also has refrances to this event with the other runners having new accessorys for certian characters.

    • A place to buy most bombs in the game
    • New bombs are also added
    • new accessorys refrancing the Grand Prix of 2020
    • a nail bomb skill for the hero
    Bug reports, suggestions for bombs and any feedback is apreciated.​​
    For the time being Bomb Quest has been removed from the mod for presonal reasons sorry any inconvinance if there are any bugs assosiated with the removal of this content talk to the weird angel with funny eyebrows on the second Bomb shop map to the left of Fwee if he doesn't fix it let me know.
    Art credits
    Just Eve on Etsy

    (Eve's content has been removed with Bomb Quest but I still recomend her for commissions.)
    Kumiho Resident Harem Collector Sprote Master.

    Final thanks to the Modding community for HC.
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    Update V1.E.0 (AKA I don't get update numbers)
    adds first of the new quests, new party member, full dungeon and new areas.
    Bug fix with Hellbert
    for real this time messed up my IDs
    Fixed the hero cant use nail bomb toss
    I now understand update numbering and this is where i sit
    quite a few bugs involving things not updating or me not updating them Thanks for the help Jasonk
    Think we got the Game crashing bugs with my art asset rename trouble
    made fixed Zephyr hogging the lead bug still needs some work
    fixed the issue now there will always be a leader between Stacy and Zephyr if there is any bugs that happen with the Swap mechaic please tell me but I belive its fixed now Thanks romeow
    removed the Duo wont leave bug
    fixed the Lord of the Manor bug and an unknown bug with the the fade in after the boss fight
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      Mod removed for the time being


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        Bomb shop has been readded
        fix to a faceset replacement, JasonK found an unidentified bug involving a wrong map transfer if it occurs do tell it doesnt seem to be something that I can recreate so keep an eye out.


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          semi new update there is now Killer Rabbit content and a new item but only a little buit for now also improved gate Zephyr bug.
          upload mistake should fix duo lock
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            HC Bomb Shop revert
            Removal of Bomb Quest content for the time being.