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  • Bomb Shop mod

    credit for face and scene art goes to Justeve on Fiverr is their Fiverr page if you want to check them out. Thanks Justeve!
    Sprite work for my sprite and Stacys sprite done by Kumiho thanks Kumiho!

    woo second mod made it cause I liked bombs in the Mannor Invasion Grand Prix so I decided to move near North Market and open a shop dedicated to bombs. It has taken me a while to get the mod where I want it to be but I have got there now you can enjoy;
    • Bombs for sale at one shop
    • A "boss battle" with some new help followed by a sex scene tomgirl(gay) is skippable if you dont want to watch and if you want to watch again ask Justeve you know the paint on the wall.
    • moar bombs! yes I have added 10 new bombs for sale after investing in the bomb shop.
    • new accessorys to match new outfits from the Manor Invasion Grand Prix: 4 new acessorys added which you can buy of their respective speedrunner SO5Z, Jasonk, Horsehater and even me.
    • A secret code point with 3 codes
    • Anti-Invasion precautions if you wonder what the magic circles in the camp are you either dont have Cursed grenades installed or he has edited his files to escape
    • Finally a new skill for the Hero I decided to share with him
    Second generation of Bombshop

    I have decided to continue adding to this mod to develop my skills with something I feel confortable being silly with to experiment further.
    Currently added to next gen Bombshop:
    • Another 6 bomb types up to the listed 10, 9 are sold by me (the guy in black armour Zephyr) and 1 is sold by Stacy who now also sells the base game bombs
    • an extra code with my 2nd Gen bombs
    • a boss fight that can be won or lost
    I plan on adding a quest involving that boss fight whihc might get silly not sure what else I'll add but it should be interesting i want to build up my comfort with it all before I get too deep into my planned mod I really want to turn out well so I hope you can enjoy this mod while I learn and please do share any problems with me.

    Very special thanks again to Romeow, sgt_hebert and Conash for helping me learn how to mod, I look forward to pestering you all on #hc_modding about my next mod!

    UpdateV1: editied nail bomb prices, added custom sprite and face art
    UpdateV1.2: real price change and changed my sprite also made maps edges an exit
    UpdateV1.3: big update, new Sprites for stacy and me, added speedrunners, added boss fight, new party members(temp), sex scene(skippable, trap), accessorys with unique traits for specific characters, new skill for hero, secret codes and scene replay for this mod
    Update: bug fix...
    UpdateV1.3.1: changed terms out of respect and avoidance of any offence
    UpdateV1.4: added new bombs, changed some text and moved somethings, added a boss fight, added talk prompts to Zephyr and Stacy (forgive that mine is very silly I was very salty), changed some prices i felt the damage wasn't equal to cost
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