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  • Bomb Shop mod

    Hello welcome to my Mod which I upgraded from utility to full quest, The Bomb Shop will function the same with my own brand of bombs alongside the base game bombs for sale in one east to access location. Still present in the mod is the Grand Prix Speedrunners with their special accessories, a teaser fight with the correctly named Hellbert and the skippible Zephyr and Stacy sex scene (MxM tomgirl content) and the hero getting a skill.
    • The new content I have been working on (and being a bit lazy on) is
    • 5 new quests with story content,
    • 3 new partial* Harem members,
    • Sex scenes to be added both Zephyr and Stacy and Hero and harem member scenes,
    • Lastly Zephyr and Stacy will join the party as a duo member with special skills.
      *partial because they will have date scenes rather than be in the relationship system
    The location of the mod is beside the bridge to the south of Northmarket after investing in the Bomb Shop and coming back later the Shop will be upgraded and the content will be open to access Hellbert content is between Zephyr and Stacy to Start Bomb Quest go east to find the Killer Rabbit.
    My progress has been a bit slow but I hope to continue to work to finish this mod before my “idea” list outweighs “my stuff done” list. If you see any typos, bugs or any comments please do share either on the discord modding channel or here. I have done my best to make sure everything works and as for typos and spelling I wish I could say English not my only language.
    This Update:
    The Quest starts and you will be able to play the first dungeon with a set of collectables(you can revisit the dungeon), have the Bomb Duo join the party and do a mini-quest for the earth Spirit. (Do note if you want to get the ZephyrxStacy scene and the heroes new skill you should do so before talking to the Rabbit if you missed your chance I will be fixing this later in an update.
    Next Update:
    Next update I expect is to add the new girls content she will have some ‘date’ scenes then get a sex scene I am working on the writing and the assets now.
    After that will be adding the next quest.
    Bug fixes, typo fixes ect ect and very expected so they will also be added.
    Art credits go to Just Eve on Etsy and Kumiho!
    Finally, I want to say thanks to the Modding community for HC.
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    Update V1.E.0 (AKA I don't get update numbers)
    adds first of the new quests, new party member, full dungeon and new areas.
    Bug fix with Hellbert
    for real this time messed up my IDs
    Fixed the hero cant use nail bomb toss
    I now understand update numbering and this is where i sit
    quite a few bugs involving things not updating or me not updating them Thanks for the help Jasonk
    Think we got the Game crashing bugs with my art asset rename trouble
    made fixed Zephyr hogging the lead bug still needs some work
    fixed the issue now there will always be a leader between Stacy and Zephyr if there is any bugs that happen with the Swap mechaic please tell me but I belive its fixed now Thanks romeow
    removed the Duo wont leave bug
    fixed the Lord of the Manor bug and an unknown bug with the the fade in after the boss fight
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      Mod removed for the time being


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        Bomb shop has been readded
        fix to a faceset replacement, JasonK found an unidentified bug involving a wrong map transfer if it occurs do tell it doesnt seem to be something that I can recreate so keep an eye out.


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          semi new update there is now Killer Rabbit content and a new item but only a little buit for now also improved gate Zephyr bug.
          upload mistake should fix duo lock
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