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Advanced guide to modding

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  • Advanced guide to modding

    Here you will find a Google Doc called "Modder's Toolbox"(Or just toolbox from here on out) with various tools and guides you may need for creating mods. It will be updated/changed/modified as I find new tools to create, I find some more effective ways to accomplish something or some better practices gets discovered. Below you will find a list of things this toolbox touches on feel free to browse first, or just go straight to the toolbox as it have a table of contents aswell
    • Important information to keep your scripts from crashing
    • How to find various useful information
    • And tables to reference when looking for IDs and such

    Map Packs
    • Creating Map Packs
    • Accessing Map Packs without the code lever
    • Leaving a Map Pack

    Script Calls
    • How to use Script Calls
    • Proximity Sensor

    Map Scripts:
    • Creating Map Scripts
    • Spawning Events using Map Scripts

    True Script Modding
    • Creating True Scripts
    • Adjust Damage Formula
    • Custom Variables
    • Custom Switches
    • Adding to the Day End process
    • Adding custom quests to the quest log
    • Adding custom girls to the relationship system
    • Adding girls to the "How are you" chat option
    • Mass set self switches
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