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  • Iron Waifu Dungeon Mod

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    What is this?

    This is the Iron Waifu Dungeon Mod, a fan-made mod which features a short adventure/dungeon that focuses on interactions with the five harem members that have won the Iron Waifu competition. It features dialogue, combat, a text-only sex scene, and a quest to liberate/rob a young man locked away in an enchanted tower.

    This mod works by adding a "map pack" to your game, a small self-contained file folder that holds all data from the mod. In order for the mod to work properly you must be using either the latest public release version of HC (which at time of writing is V0.47.4) or else the latest backer version.

    In order to play the mod, you will need to have recruited all five characters who have won the Iron Waifu competition; Alina, Therese, Larelle, Quinta, and Kyrie.

    How do I install and play?

    1. Download the mod from this link:

    2. Enter the "Mod" folder within your Harem Collector Folder, and make a folder called "Data" if it does not already exist.

    3. Extract the "IWDungeon" folder downloaded above and drop it inside.

    4. In game go to the code machine in the starting manor (Tthe lever in the top right of the East Wing 2nd Floor) and enter "Map Pack" followed by "IWDungeon". The codes are case sensitive, so make sure you are typing them in correctly. Once you have done so, the game will transfer you to the map pack and from there everything will play out just as it would have if you had entered a normal dungeon.
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    is there a level recommendation?


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      Originally posted by Omegon View Post
      is there a level recommendation?
      Yeah, about level 35 ish was the goal. If you've been able to recruit Quinta, which you have to do before you can play it, then it shouldn't be that difficult.


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        I noticed a bug in the mod when doing some more testing, that locked Therese, Kyrie, and Larelle as required characters. A new version has been uploaded that fixes this. If anybody has played this already and has found this happened, I've added a fix that you can use by downloading the new version of the map pack, going into it for a moment, and then turning around and walking right back out the front door. Sorry if anybody was inconvenienced by this.


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          Great mod!

          Awesome job!


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            Also can you please make a zip for it so that I don’t use megalinks for it


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              Originally posted by Deadliergraph48 View Post
              Also can you please make a zip for it so that I don’t use megalinks for it
              Sure. I posted it on the discord because the file size limit for attachments here is too small. If anyone else wants a zip just ask.


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                Honestly a godly mod- All the dialogue felt in character, the jokes really landed, the fights were interesting, and there was a ton of character development that was unexpected but very much appreciated. Really can't wait for next year's version!