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  • Unrequire Hero

    Ever wanted to try putting together a combat team without Hero? Perhaps you only wanna look at the girls or maybe you want a team of all mages to tactical nuke the enemy?
    Well then this is the mod for you. You will be able to replace him in the party menu.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Unlock.PNG Views:	33 Size:	46.3 KB ID:	2852
    Install instructions:
    1. Unzip this file into your /HaremCollector_vxxx folder
    2. Play the game and enjoy the mod
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    Last edited by RomeoPapa; 07-05-2020, 06:08 AM. Reason: More bug fixing

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    Okay so apparently there was a bug with Manor Invasion, thank you to @S05Z for finding it. That should be fixed now, I recommend redownloading and reinstalling.


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      Yet another oversight found. It was possible to softlock yourself in the golden tomb during "The Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds" Since only hero could equip the special swords, I've made it so everyone can equip those swords now. Please redownload and reinstall and stay tuned for my next oversight XD


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        Okay so fixed the Larelle bug I said I wouldn't fix. During the Euringer's Monster mini-boss fight if Larelle is in spot 1 she will be swapped with whoever is in spot 2

        Actually fixed the Battlegrounds bug now... Sorry about that one if anyone noticed it wasn't >.>

        Cannibal Corps. part 1 got turned into a 4 person quest since it specifically removed hero not spot 1. That is now fixed, the first fight you enter doesn't matter which will remove spot 1 from the party, keep that in mind when forming a team


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          Fixed a problem with the newt quest, where if you didn't have hero in your active team you would only have the 3 newts for the quest


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            v6 bug fixes