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  • Obligatory mod ideas thread

    Mods I actually have stuff prepared for:
    - Chimei translation mod
    - Bunnyboy sex scene
    - Silvayuco resurrection project (adding a quest to get her back alive and in the harem)
    - Extended Westcatle manor (giving full access to the basement and gardens)

    I'm unhappy with the existing Wiki-tan mod so I'll probably make another one, and outside of that I'll make other minor characters recruitment mods

    And you guys (and girls), what kind of mods would you like to see/make?
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    It might prove to be beyond my abilities, but I want to make a dungeon dedicated to the iron waifu winners, where you go on an adventure with the five of them, and ending with a text-only six-way sex scene. The basic idea would be a tower-climb, with one floor dedicated to interactions with each of the winners, in order of their victories, with smaller rest-floors in between each where you can interact with all of them.

    I have no idea how to implement Brig if she wins though, so it might end up being just the first 4 winners; Alina, Therese, Larelle, and Quinta.

    Originally posted by Cazador View Post
    - Silvayuco resurrection project (adding a quest to get her back alive and in the harem)
    I am 100% behind this idea.The countess's scene is still one of my top 3 in the entire game, behind only the conclusion scenes to Alina and Larelle's LQ's.


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      I personally made a mod that adds a "BGM Changer", a Key Item that changes the Battle BGM and ME via a Common Event. I filled it with music from the Persona series.

      Isn't perfect, and there are limitations to what you can change the Battle BGM with a Common Event because of how some events change the Battle BGM in-game. But it works well enough for personal use.

      If I can figure out a way to make it work more smoothly and work as instructed in the Modding Tutorial, I'd share a generic version of it, without the Persona music of course.


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        I would really love a pregnancy mod, I can understand that will be a big project, even if it was just limited to certain members of the Harem. It is one of my kinks, I wouldn't mind if it was limited to work with just a few of the girls or triggered by certain events, Like with Penelope, The mushroom Farmers Daughter, after finishing her love quest actually getting her pregnant, and her glowing and being so happy, and randomly sick some days. Another one when Yamamaya rapes the MC because he doesn't use the Cat Nip she is potentially impregnated and randomly how many kittens she has. Seeing the Goth Girl pregnant in jail would be kind of sadistic but it would also be kind of hot, since the MC fills her when he imprisons her Wouldn't mind knocking up Princess Quinta either. in my ideal set up it would be an RNG thing where anyone the MC has sex with could get pregnant, but the coding for that would be a complete nightmare for the Coders, or it could be a battle mini game where the player could run away from (pull out) or fight, if the sperm is defeated no pregnancy, if the player wins pregnancy, again a coding nightmare. The final option could be a toggle switch to turn it on or off. This would be the least amount of work in making such a mod.


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          Naskura I don't think a toggle switch would be necessary. If you don't want the content, just don't use the mod. For random girl pregnancy, another way would be to use some special benediction or potion; when Hero is under its effect, next girl he has sex with will get preggers. It gives a high level of control while also being user-friendly.

          Also, the things you described as coding nightmares aren't really nightmarish. Setting up different conditions for fleeing and victory is easy, and so is generating a random result.


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            Cazador most of my Coding experience is limited to Qbasic and Visual Basic, mostly the nightmare would be finding how to make all the girls call the sub routine, and then inserting that line into the code of every girl in the Harem, and with the exception of sex scenes you don't really see the body / belly of the girls. The spell thing would be a great way to do it, so you could customize who was pregnant and who wasn't and it wouldn't have to worry to much about the script always running either. Could potentially create a spell to advance the pregnancy up to and including birth.... Would be a good time to create a Nanny Harem slave, or two. The MC doesn't much care for Children, so why wouldn't he hire someone to take care of his.


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              Pregnancy mod would be awesome, custom music and custom outfits would be cool too, but I would love to see a mod that expands on investments. It gets to a point where you have so much money, it would be sick if you could fund individual additions to your properties had maintenance costs and if the investments you do fund could run at a loss but benefit you in the long term. Although honestly I have a weird obsession with upgrading things in games that make visual differences to the world of the game. Its like the dopamine you get for unlocking an achievement and find it just as satisfying as the sex scenes haha.
              I fantasize about building a small town on sunny shore island. Although that township on sunny shore is probably not meant to be abandoned but just not fully implemented yet, but I would love if you could buy that run down bankrupt abandoned town and rejuvenate it into a thriving tourist location which unlocks shops quests and sex scenes as well as income gains and drains. But I better stop before people start thinking I masturbate to home improvement shows lol. Maybe the kids the hero has could stay on the island too but I would just be content with being able to impregnate the girls.


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                I personally would like to see mods that add the genie, water sprite, the wolf girl you have the option to rape and the female generals as well as a few other characters to become part of your harem in game but you know i have no ability to make mods or at least i'm not sure how making mods works for this game but it appears rather simple in comparison to mod making for like skyrim or something