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Extra Hard Mode Mod for HC version 0.46.1+

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  • Extra Hard Mode Mod for HC version 0.46.1+

    Are you are pro at Harem Collector?

    Do you seek new challenges?

    Then I have got the Mod for you!

    Presenting: Extra Hard Mode

    What does it do?

    It replaces the regular Hard mode with an even harder version (I've said the word hard a lot haven't I?). Regular Hard mode adds +20% to all enemy Stats, among other things.

    Extra Hard Mode changes that to +50% Speed, MP, ATK and MAT and +70%LUK, while leaving the bonuses for HP, Defense and Resist at +20%, to avoid additional grind, while making enemies more dangerous.

    feel free to try it out Today!

    Omegon out.
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    Thanks, I will definitely try this out once I start a fresh save after a few more updates XD, I would like to share some of my thoughts on the difficulty, you are in no way obligated to make any changes or even read this. Just want to share my thoughts and fantasize about things I reckon would be cool but don't have the talent to do hahaha.
    I recommend you make the economy cutthroat to, for example in the persona series its always bothered me how playing on higher difficulty makes the combat side of the game more difficult but the social and school life aspect to the game always stays the same. I would make all trash items worth well as much as trash and make the investments the primary source of income making it so to get a long term boost in income you gotta invest in investments for that long term gain at the expense of being able to purchase much needed supplies or church blessings. You would have to carefully manage your time as to pass the day to get that passive income you need to be careful about what quest you do next to not shoot yourself in the foot. You could also make the Florines shops require a passive ongoing operating cost to keep the shop running so although it might seem beneficial to quickly open as many shops asap. in the long run doing it all at once as early as possible could backfire. You could also have a low income from the shops you have however having more products from the satisfaction shop purchased to increase the range of products in the shops could increase the shop's income as well. Perhaps even your fame could draw in more customers and therefor more profit, Although saying I think fame already does draw in more customers but I think its just aesthetic changes, I'm not sure.
    And on another note as someone who play and enjoy the current hard mode I gotta say the MC hit rate pisses me right off I know no moshing designed it that way but when the difficulty is ramped up it becomes incredibly annoying as I am forced to make the MC a TP skill and item bitch otherwise I'm just frustrated at the fact I cannot put the MC into the reserve squad lol.
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      I get the thing about the game economy. I personally just don't enjoy it at all. Managing Resources just isnt my thing so I wouldn't want to add it to my mod. If you ever make your own mod, feel free to include my combat changes into that one if you want.

      For the MC hit rate thing, there is an item that increases accuracy by 100%. MC will never miss with that one and there aren't many items that are straight up better till you get the Warhorn.