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  • H scene quality

    So a while back the devs made a decision to change the .png in the h scenes since some users were having problems with how heavy it was. however the pictures lost a bit of quality and detail and look a lot more pixelated now. is there a way to give the option on how people want the pictures to be? since now if you want it with a higher more detailed quality you just won't get it

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    Could be integrated as a mod, maybe?

    EDIT: I suspect the quality loss is mainly relevant for those of us who play the game in higher definitions, like full screen on a high definition screen. I haven't seen any noticeable quality loss myself.
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    • dakdaifgo
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      yhea thats my problem :/ it just looks super pixelated now and its kind of a bummer in my opinion since not only the h scenes but the entire game looks a bit like that now unless i play it on a very tiny window but full screen just makes the characters too pixelated

    • Cazador
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      It's also going to be pixelated with png since image resolution plays a huge part, it's not vectorial. As you probably know, character sprites are still png (as they must be, since jpg has no transparent setting).
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    true its kind of crap that it happens i wish this could get some kind of an update/fix