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    I have a Harem Collector fan here who is looking to have a sex scene for Miri put together. It would be her random nightly scene, involving her and tentacles. However, he's looking for other interested Miri fans who would be willing to help fund this.

    The total cost for the scene would be about $380 USD.

    The scene:
    "Miri is having a nap on the job, as usual for her, while a bit of vendor trash that some enterprising adventurer had sold to her wiggles to life nearby. The magical vine, not nearly dead, springs and quickly grows out of control, binding Miri and unknowingly groping and teasing her as it writhes around under her clothes. When the Hero walking it, he sees Miri getting fucked by the vines, as they mindlessly seek out any form of moisture. And she pleads for help, the Hero just waits a little cruelly enjoying her torment, before helping himself to her ass, and only then freeing her from the vines."

    The scene would consist of five images.
    1: Miri being grappled by the vines as she startles awake.
    2: Miri being groped by the vines helplessly.
    3: Miri looking pleadingly at Hero, who just entered the scene, while she is fucked by the vines in her mouth and pussy.
    4: Hero fucking Miri in the ass while she is stuck,
    5: Miri cumming along with Hero, squirting onto the vines as the Hero cums on/in her ass.

    All interested parties please either reply to this thread, PM me, or hit me up on Discord.
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    I hope this scene can be toggled off.
    This falls into netorare-territory in which it is not the MC doing it.


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      Think of the vines as a magic sextoy

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    What if the Hero dropped them off on purpose for thatto happen?