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When a new version is released, what do you do?

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  • When a new version is released, what do you do?

    Do you start a new game and play the whole game again from scratch? Do you use your main save and new game+ it? Or whatever else it is you do with new versions.

    I myself will either use my main save and just see the new content or use my main save to make a new game+ with it. I play only easy mode because I don't like the day passing mechanic and just use the timeturner whenever I want XD

    For version 41.3 I decided to do a new game+. since I want to see who else I can get a scene with when going outside and the hero talks about his problem of too many people wanting help.

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    Full Version

    Step 1: Install your HaremCollector_blahblahblah.exe to a folder of your choosing.
    Step 2: Move the replay.rvdata2 file, the misc_data.rvdata2 (if applicable) and all the SaveXX.rvdata2 files to the new folder.
    Step 3: Enjoy!

    Lite Version

    The lite version update only works if you already have the previous version of Harem Collector or later already extracted, if you don't please download and extract the full exe file instead!!!

    To update your version of HC, please copy all files located in the lite folder (both 'Game' files and the Help file) and paste them in your existing version of Harem Collector. When asked if you would like to replace a file say yes every time.

    You should now be able to enjoy the latest update as if you had downloaded and extracted the exe file!
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      To clarify, lite versions work if you've got a recent version of HC or later, the lite version comes with instructions about the earliest version they can successfully update for with them (which I recognize doesn't help a lot if you haven't downloaded them).

      The 0.41.3 and 0.41.4 lite versions will successfully update your game if you have successfully acquired the 0.38.4 or a later release. I make sure to update the 'Update instructions' file included with every lite version for every version.


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        Alright, I feel like I'm gonna sound like a jerk when I say this but I already know how to update the game XD I'm really happy that the information posted was super helpful for someone who might barely be starting the game and only had it for an update or two. Especially about moving the save data files!

        I meant for long time players who have an old save(s) and how they approach getting to the new content. Like me, I've known about this game and have played it since...I honestly don't even know. I know I played it before Dia was even a character in the game though. But when a new update comes out, most of the time I just go get that new content to check it out. But rarely, like this update, I decided to go to the New Game+ fairy and start from the beginning with my OP characters.

        Once again, thanks for posting the helpful info! And keep up the good work on this game that I really like!


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          I usually just use my old playthroughs to go through the new quests/content.

          Once a year or so though I pick an update I really like and use it to start a new playthrough. I'm doing that now, or will be once the last of the bugs get sorted out.


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            I usually just play the new content on my main save and every once in a while start the game fresh.