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    Originally posted by Cazador View Post
    But whatever, now it's here and it looks good. Some known faces, some new ones... Will we be able to meaningfully interact with everyone before the final showdown?
    Depends on your definition of "everyone".


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      The newest update is now public! You can download it here:

      This is a big one I hope you'll find fun! That said, do see the notes on the blog regarding balance.


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        Version 0.54.0 is out for patrons! More info below or at the blog:

        TLS 0.54.0
        - New segment finishing the Gathering
        - 2 new scenes
        - Equipment from dead orcs is now given back to you prior to the orc event.
        - More healing for parties in between segments.
        - New character bust art thanks to Lamsey.
        - 4 new illustrated scenes: Aka x Tentacles, Carina + Qum, Iris Doggy, Balia Table

        A sample of one of the new illustrated scenes:

        This episode is the culmination of many things, including both long-running arcs and callbacks from many updates past:

        Though this one is shorter and more intense, there will still be some more events and competitions:

        Which require very serious reactions:

        I've pushed pretty hard to get to this point and I can't promise that the finished/polished version will be ready to go public in a week. Regardless, please look forward to it!
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          The newest update is public! Get it here:

          I am tired, so see the blog for all notes.


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            Rest in peace Lustlord, forever in our hearts :'(

            I really enjoyed this update, it was pretty fun to play and the writing was 10/10.