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    No shardy for Orcenty?


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      As a reminder, this update will still be patron-only until next weekend, though I've opened it up to all $1 patrons as a special bonus I sometimes do. The time has been spent not just on bugfixing, but on adding new content. For example, if you invested in the succubus bar earlier, you can now actually visit it and check in with the characters:

      TLS 0.49.2
      - Zirantian leaders now report on the state of their nation. This can potentially unlock the new Biyue scene.
      - The Stineford succubus bar is now available if missed, and can be visited as a new map, but only going through the improved iterate event mentioned below.
      - Min now appears in the Givino Vinai Court.
      - Antarian now appears in Ardford Cathedral.
      - Nabith now has a new conversation when first spoken to in Chapter 5 (with Yhilin Final).
      - More variant dialogue has been added, notably in Ardford Business District and Orri's Restaurant.
      - The physical condition of Ryoken now varies based on Erosia's country score.
      - Retroactive: The Ramasta Unperson HQ now visually improves if Gawnfall helped the Unpeople.
      - Lynine and Iris have conversations that increase their RP if you investigate their funded investments.
      - Serious improvements have been made to the Chapter 5 iterate event, including more potential RP for Tertia.
      - Quest objective bugs fixed (only if you repeat the events).
      - The Duelist's Pin can now be enchanted in Ghenalon.
      - The costs for a number of investments have decreased, some based on past decisions.
      - Sublime equipment is in some cases more expensive, but overall buffed.
      - Sublime equipment now has unique icons.
      - Assorted minor changes, fixes, and improvements.

      Public release this Friday!


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        The newest version of TLS has been released publicly:

        Check the blog for links, update notes, and other information!


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          A lot of people have more time on their hands lately, so the least I can do is offer something to take their minds off the seriousness for a bit. All my games are on deep discount on both Steam and

          Everyone stay healthy!


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            It's finally time for the art update! Version 0.50.0 adds 28 illustrated scenes to the game, which is every scene in Chapter 1. More info and links here:

            We have a variety of scenes, but I tried to spotlight what makes TLS unique:

            Every scene in the first chapter is illustrated, even minor characters like the prostitutes:

            If you've ever thought about starting a new save, this would be a good time. I wonder how many people missed this early Yarra/Trin scene?

            Since this game will have hundreds of scenes, I decided that we want to have some real emotional and compositional variety, including a few clothed scenes when appropriate:

            And I'll give Yarra the last word:

            This update will go public in a week! Please look forward to it. ^-^


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              The art update is now public! You can download it here:

              I figure there's no sense going on too long otherwise. ^-^ Hope you enjoy!


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                Version 0.51.0 is out for patrons! The update notes are huge this time, so I'll just link them:

                The core of the new content isn't available to all saves, but if you've been working to free Eustrin, you can enter a new negotiation section. It's not Gawnfall, but it features characters old and new:

                If that's successful, you'll unlock a final state for Eustrin. This includes lots of happy NPCs and... other things:

                But that isn't all! I've mentioned that every harem member is getting their own unique sidequest, and two of those can now be completed:

                One of those involves an event that has been requested for a long time, which I'll just hint:

                This one should be public in a week. Meanwhile, I have something for those of you waiting! I'm participating in a big bundle of NSFW games that you can find here:

                All of the games are 50% off or more, including a couple of mine. There's also a free (or pay what you want) tier, so this is a good opportunity to sample a whole bunch of games!


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                  The newest update is now available to everyone! You can download it here:

                  Also, last chance on the NSFW game bundle!


                  Again, this is a couple of my games and a bunch of others, all 50% off or more. Please take a look if you're interested!


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                    Heh, don't worry about the Eustrin talks not being accessible to all saves. The girls' sidequests and the Tower stuff are quite meaty content.


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                      Version 0.52.0 is out for patrons! We're up to 35+ illustrated scenes, with more info below or at the blog:

                      TLS 0.52.0
                      - New plot section.
                      - Fixed Robin profile thanks to Lamsey.
                      - New illustrated scenes: Lynine titfuck, Nalili 69, Orilise luxury, Fuckety Fuck

                      I aimed to make this an intense update that takes the plot forward, including some old friends:

                      And some old enemies. Whose fortress could the characters be infiltrating in this screenshot? Truly, it is an unknowable mystery...

                      Anyway, I'm going to hold back on some of the revelations for you to experience yourselves. Expect just about all the different kinds of content you'd expect from TLS:

                      Meanwhile, the Steam summer sale has begun. If you're interested in any of my other work, all my games are 50-80% off:

                      The update will go public in a week! Please look forward to it. ^-^


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                        Originally posted by Sierra Lee View Post
                        And some old enemies. Whose fortress could the characters be infiltrating in this screenshot? Truly, it is an unknowable mystery...
                        I know, it's the lord of blood's flying fortress!


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                          The newest update is now public! You can download it here:

                          I had fun with this one, patrons had fun with it, hopefully you will too. ^-^