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  • ZeraAzimuth
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks! We have a whole year till next waifu war, but im gonna do my best~

  • ZeraAzimuth
    commented on 's reply
    Im certainly going to try! XD

  • Cazador
    You'll meme her to the crown x)

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  • parsley
    I'm not really a fan of her, but you've already got me half convinced to jump onto your bandwagon.

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  • ZeraAzimuth
    started a topic Bawk bawk

    Bawk bawk

    So, im a big chicken. I was hoping for the best, but doing little to get to
    that goal, that little flag at the end of the road. Voicing my support, my love,
    but not going that extra mile for the rightful queen of the roster. What i SHOULD
    be doing, what i swore to do, no matter what it takes to help her win. Last year,
    Yamamaya lost to Meiriona, someone who half the community didn't even remember.
    But, i was able to save pride, knowing that the elf group scene gave her an edge.
    It was an excuse, a sheild to hide behind out of selfishness, but it helped.
    This time around.... I dont have an excuse, nothing to hide this loss behind.
    She lost against Elayia, another first round loss, two years in a row. And im
    partially at fault for this. Ive lost my edge, the presence i had held when i
    used to yammer on about how great she IS... that ferocity, i need to get back.

    Why did i start to support her so bull-headedly? Well, shes... shes just perfect,
    in every sense of the word. Some call her simple, one-dimensional, and i say
    that its a good thing. Her care-free attitude and willingness to go along with
    what happens if she wants to, is a very good personality trait to have. But, also
    the ferocity and pride to stand up for herself, assert her dominance over the
    enemy and even the other girls. Shes just the best, and i love her to pieces~
    Ive managed to gather a following so far, my closest friends, and even made a
    little "Cult" for us to gather under. But, It wasnt enough, THIS time.

    This is a challenge, and a return to form for Zera. This year, we were defeated.
    But NEXT year, i swear, Yamamaya will make it to the semi-finals, and CRUSH
    everyone in her way. I will do everything in my power, to put her name among the
    names of those that have triumphed. I SWEAR IT. And i welcome any brother or
    sister in arms, to support her next year. Lets make a dream come true, for Yama.