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[0.48.5] Minor bug roundup

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  • [0.48.5] Minor bug roundup

    Just completed a normal-difficulty playthrough from scratch and found a few minor issues in v0.48.5:
    • In "It Came from Below the Equator", the captain's key is visible with the Seeker's Stone (which may be intended) but the MC's comment implies he knows it's there from reading the journals.
    • After defeating the ??? boss to get the cat for Westcastle, I was unable to save. Autosaves still worked but I was unable to save again until I completed another quest and advanced the day.
    • Speaking of the Westcastle cat, (s)he appears on both floors of the manor and the basement. Not immediately, though, so I think it might be that the cat's not cleared from a floor when it's supposed to move to another floor. It can also walk on top of the walls on the upper floor, and can phase in on top of the MC (the MC can move away though).
    • In Send Newts, if you touch the active force field guarding the dragon's lair, the party's speed is locked into turbo until you complete the quest.
    • The imp in the hell casino (Hell to Pay) that sells the CD and pearlescent bar will walk away after you buy one of them, preventing you from buying both.
    • While not a bug per se, I did a lot of grinding this game at the Dark Mine. Every encounter there is the exact same three enemies in the exact same order--it'd be nice to get a little variation.
    • Not sure if this is a bug or intended, but the Southport student that buys slime does not buy orange or clear slime.
    Since I complete quests in a bit of an odd order, there are also a few story inconsistencies:
    • In her regular chat, Doll will still mention her mysterious past even after you've completed her love quest, Subby Secrets.
    • Similarly, in Kevin's general chat he still wants to go out with you after completing his respect quest, When All You Have is a Hammer.
    • I complete Princess Bride fairly early, but despite being removed from power and imprisoned the Queen is still present at the end of Therese's love quest (Beyond Good and Devil). There's a similar issue with Dude Where's My Sword, as Shally mentions something along the lines of 'even the Queen thinks you may have done it'.
    • The conclusion of Gargan's quest is still not reflected a few places. At the end of Dude Where's My Sword, Gargan still tells her mom that she's looking for a cure. Her Southport greeting line (the attempted out of closet joke) may also need to be adjusted, post-quest.