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Old Piano can't get placed into Southport manor's bedroom

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  • Old Piano can't get placed into Southport manor's bedroom

    Everything is in the title. It was possible to get the piano in the hero's room before and the map didn't change.
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    In a recent release we did update the Master bedroom in Southport Manor to allow the player to change Meline's outfit there. The map has since been changed to give room for the Piano again in more recent updates. I believe it was changed before the 0.48.5 release, if you are playing a version before that try updating your game, if you are playing the 0.48.5 release please let me know so that I can release a fix to the issue for people to last until the public release of version 0.49


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      I downloaded the lite update to ensure my version was 48.5 and it still doesn't work.


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        Sorry to bump the thread up, but I confirmed from multiple downloads my bug isn't caused by an out of date version. Is there a fix for this?


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          So it seems that I had legit gotten some things mixed up when we were moving things around. I've got a fix ready for you now though with just enough space for the Piano. Go to your "Mods" folder, than into your "Data" folder (create it if it's not there, it is case sensitive) and add the attached file. That should finally fix this bug, sorry that it took me so long to see what was wrong!
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            This works perfectly. Thank!