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  • 0.44.5 lists 0.44.5 as the latest version, while lists 0.44.7 as the latest version. While the former shows up above the later on google search results.

    What, that's not a bug? Well, okay, how about this: In furniture placement I have the Guild Banner in the entry of the Northmarket home, and the list of people who love it there includes Raina. Yay. But the list of people who merely like it there *also* includes Raina. That doesn't seem right to me. But I'm running 0.44.5 atm, though this save line spans three different versions of the game including a New Game+ restart, so it could well be basically my fault.

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    We refrained from updating both and gamejolt to have the 0.44.6 and 0.44.7 releases for a bit because of how we kept getting critical bugs back to back, several of which were making it harder to see others, so we wanted to wait until we had a stable release before we updated them as to cut down on the workload inbetween bug fixes. We have since uploaded 0.44.7 to both sites to bring all 3 sites up to date.

    As for your issue with the furniture menu, yeah that's something that I'm still looking into.