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Da Orcest Dungeon (0.43.3)

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  • Da Orcest Dungeon (0.43.3)

    I'm currently stuck at the campsite area. I've already cleared the west and east side of the cavern. But at the south side, I can't seem to interact with the setup for bridge construction. Reloading earlier save game doesn't help.

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    Did you clear the areas that can only be reached by exploding some crystals?


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      Yes, I've done that already. But for unknown reasons, I can't complete the southern side of the cavern and now I'm stuck in this quest.


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        So I looked through it, what probably happened is that since it looks like the quest doesn't reset your temp variables when you enter, you had tempswitch 2 turned on from the events you did before doing the quest. I'll work on fixing this, but for now you can fix this by loading your auto-save, entering the feywoods (the woods next to the Elf Village), leaving, and then going back and doing the quest. Apologies for the trouble! I'll have it fixed for the public release coming out tomorrow!


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          Thank you so much, it worked. Now I can continue playing without resetting the game. Anyway, one more bug I found in combat. at the beginning when choosing between fight/status/battle log, if I choose status but immediately press back instead of choosing one of the party members. Then when I want to choose technique or skill that is directed towards ally, lets say 'Unity Force', then the screen will bugged a bit and only shows 3 members instead of 4, and there's no way to choose the fourth one. The temporary fix I have found is to go back to the beginning of the battle, choose status then choose any of the party members and it will reset the bugged screen.