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0.41.4 Lighting Bug

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  • 0.41.4 Lighting Bug

    In the newest update (and not in 0.41.3 or previous ones), going down into the statue room in the quest Are You Afraid of the Dark messes with the lighting somehow, almost turning everything saturated or something. It becomes impossible to see pretty much everything, and this continues even after this room. Reloading did not fix this issue, and I tried going back and redoing the scene, but it didn't fix anything.

    I don't have the hax book, but is there any way to fix this on my end? I would prefer not to wait until the next update comes out.

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    Please send me a copy of your save file (from inside the dungeon if you can) and I'll see what can be done, as the only fix from your end of things requires the book of hax I'm afraid. To be honest I believe that this issue is more the result of a bug fix as prior to the 0.41.4 release where we put in a fix to this sort of issue, the lightning system made screen tone changes not function properly and as a result the poison gas of the room didn't really show up visually.

    Edit: Having examined the issue it looks to be a bit more serious than I had initially thought. The issue isn't just the saturation, but since we changed things so that the lightning system won't get in the way of screen tinting it no longer stops darkening the screen when it should. I'll get working on a fix for this right away.