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  • Missing characters?

    So, I'm experiencing a problem. After I accepted the 'Get Dumped' quest some of my party members (Meline, Gargan, Kyrie) just went missing. I can no longer add them to my party anymore.

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    Hmm... This sounds like it might have been a problem with the ending of "Can't Handle It Cove", I'm guessing you returned the nuns to the church right? Could you check to see what version of the game you're playing as if I'm correct we put in a fix for that awhile back.

    I'll check a few things on our end to be sure when I get a chance but that's the only time that you lose party members around that time frame that I can think of. Also could you check your inventory to see if you have the book of hax? Might be able to fix things from your end if so.